In May of this year I was getting ready to start a blog on writing. In the back of my mind I thought about starting one like Spirit Walking Journal but I balked. I wasn’t sure I should. I wondered what other people would think, and I thought I should go with the one about writing. One night I had a dream that I was back in the army. My surroundings were dark and dreary. I was writing but I was writing what a man standing behind me was telling me to write. Since I was in the army I had to do what he ordered me to do. The next day I told this dream to my friend Ze. She said, “Maybe you aren’t supposed to do that. Maybe it’s not what you really want to do.” That made sense, but I still wasn’t sure.

The next day I was at a friend’s house. I went out to my car to get something. As  stood near the car I became aware of something very large flying my way. A blue heron flew directly overhead at roof level. The Great Blue Heron is a wading bird. It stands about 42 inches tall and has a wing span of 72 inches. When it flies low overhead, you notice it. I made a mental note to check “Animal Speak” to see what symbolism it carried.

That night I had a second dream about being in the army. this time I was helping prepare food for the other soldiers to eat. As I stirred an enormous pot of chili, someone came along and poured a disgusting substance into the pot. I can’t describe how bad this stuff was. I was forced to keep stirring the pot, mixing the material into the chili. I thought, “Other people are going to have to eat this shit.” Then I woke up.

The next day I read that the key energies associated with the blue heron are Aggressive Self-Determination, and Self-Reliance. That did it for me. I put my writing blog on hold and started to prepare for this blog. As I look back on my life, I can see that I always did what other people expected me to do. In more recent years I have been forced to scrap my past expectations and figure out what I, Paul McAllister, wanted to do. I have been following my own path for a while. But the dreams and the omen were strong messages. I know I must place absolute trust in my decisions. Although my life is different than it used to be, I enjoy it, even though there is more uncertainty. The price of freedom is accountability.