May you celebrate this Holiday Season in a way that is spiritually meaningful to you. May you celebrate it in love and friendship with your friends and family. May God send all of us continued blessings.

I copied the following prayer from the book, VisionSeeker, by Dr. Hank Wesselman, page 293. I also modified it for the New Year. It’s a prayer I have adopted and repeat daily. It’s non-denominational and is intended for the welfare of all mankind. The ending phrase, Amama Ua Noa, is Hawaiian.

A Prayer for the New Year

Oh God in heaven,

You who are the Beginning and the End,

You who created everything in the universe,

Bless this sacred Earth.

Bless this river of Life.

Bless our atmosphere.

Bless us and our endeavors.

Send us your angels and helpful spirits.

All are welcome. May they

Bring forth abundance without limit;

May they bring us good health;

May they grant us spiritual insight

And may they grant us true understanding.

May the Earth continue to live.

May You grant us long life.

And may all these blessings be manifested.

Amama Ua Noa!

(My prayer is free. It has flown)