A friend of mine, Tracy, put a post on her FaceBook page about “Awakening to your own beauty”. It is actually a link to an article on the FaceBook page of Brian Shulz, a psychotherapist. The article includes an exercise titled “The Eyes of Love”. After reading it I decided to post the exercise here and suggest that everyone do this frequently during the coming year.

I’m sure we all agree that we need more love in the world today. What better way to help accomplish that than to start with ourselves. After all, you can’t give love to others if you don’t have it in and for yourself. So …(Imagine the theme music from Mission Impossible playing in the background) … Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to bring more love into the world in 2014 by performing the following exercise frequently during the year:


1. To begin, make a list of all the beautiful, lovable and admirable aspects of yourself. Examples- your quality of kindness; or courage; your sense of humor; intelligence; honesty/integrity; passion; determination; your various talents (artistic/musical/leadership/writing/cooking/healing/etc.). The longer you calmly and objectively contemplate yourself, with an open heart and mind, the more positive inner qualities you will be delighted to find!

2. Once you have made your list (and feel free to add to it) spend a minute or two quietly absorbing/dwelling upon what you are seeing about yourself. Let it “sink in” to your mind and heart that this beautiful “human masterpiece” that possesses all these lovely inner qualities- is YOU!

3. Now, go to the mirror and look this beautiful person in the eye. Imagine that you are the kind of mother or father who is always encouraging and knows exactly what to say. Or, imagine that you are speaking with the voice of your own soul. The basic concept is that the person in the mirror (the part of you that has been anxious/depressed/hurt from self-criticism) needs to see and feel how beautiful, valid and lovable she/he really is! And you- the wise and loving core of you- will supply this ultimately reassuring message.

Each of the phrases, while deceptively simple, are emotionally very evocative. Each one vibrates at a frequency that touches the heart and rings through the body and the mind. As you work with them, keep breathing and keep feeling.

4. Keeping eye contact with yourself and speaking out loud (both of these help the new message/attitude sink into your subconscious and replace the voice of self-criticism) say these three things:

a. Hi ___ (use your name or an endearment such as ‘honey’ or ‘sweety’). I see and love so many wonderful things in you. You are so beautiful and perfect to me!

b. Look at all the amazing parts of yourself. You are so kind, so brave, so passionate, so determined etc.etc.

c. You do NOT need to change- ever. All you need is to completely be WHO YOU ARE!

5. Using your intuition, repeat certain key words or phrases that you really need to hear.

PJM Note: If you are an optimist, as I am, you know this is not an impossible mission, but the ultimate destiny of our planet. Have a Happy New Year!