I’ve been serious about tarot cards since 2004 and have developed a wonderful relationship with them. Before I do a reading I say a special prayer asking God to have an angel assist me with finding the answer that’s in everyone’s best interests. For today’s reading I also called on my helpful spirits for input. My question was, “What would my helpful spirits like me to tell everyone about communicating with the Spirit World?” I used the Celtic Cross spread.

The first part of the answer regards what motivation people have for communicating with helpful spirits. Will you communicate only when you are having problems, like trying to avoid future suffering, or trying to get the inside track on a business or work deal and then forget about it until the next problem comes along? If so, you are more of a dabbler. As with any endeavor, dabblers don’t become proficient in their craft. You need a sincere, persistent interest coupled with great respect if you want to communicate with helpful spirits. Helpful spirits want partnerships and mutual trust, not one-sided demands. Think of helpful spirits as friends without human form. The have every right to refuse to help you if you don’t show them the proper respect.

The person who will be most successful communicating with the Spirit World is someone who wants healing for themselves, their family and friends, their communities, and the entire world. They must have confidence in the spirits, be enthusiastic in their communications, and they must seek true knowledge and the experience that many trips to the spirit world will engender. While not every trip to the Spirit World will be memorable, having the correct attitude will help the spirit walker get the most out of every visit.

For anyone interested in learning tarot, I highly recommend “Tarot for Your Self” by Mary Kay Greer. It was one of the first tarot books I bought. It is a wonderful reference and a continual source of learning about tarot cards.