In late August, 2013 I attended Lauren Torres’ seminar, Medicine for the Earth. It was five days long and held in Watervliet, Michigan.

Lauren taught how we are part of the earth. If we hate or dislike part of ourselves it is the same as if we hated or disliked part of the earth. The first journey was to ask the spirits to tell us what part of ourselves needed more tender loving care and to ask what part of the earth that body part represented.

JOURNEY: I journeyed but did not travel to a specific world, at least not one I could recognize. In darkness I met my younger teacher. He quickly answered my request. He said I needed to love my heart more. He said I am currently viewing it as a source of pain. He also told me the heart relates to the inner workings of the earth.: gravity, lava flow, balance, even the outer element of water flow that has a nurturing effect on our entire planet.

He said I also need to show more love to my eyes and other senses by avoiding those things, like TV news, that cause me worry and disappointment, and detract from my focusing on creating an environment of harmony and balance. The senses are part of having a physical body and part of how I experience the world. Lack of balance and harmony in our life can ultimately have negative results in the health of the body itself.

After I returned from the journey I thought about this advice. I am an emotional person and always have been so I am sensitive to what I see and hear and it can have a negative effect upon me. I thought about how I used to meditate more and decided I need to get back into meditation to ground myself and help create the balance and harmony I need. The advice about TV news made sense as well. I need to find ways to avoid the negativity of TV.

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