The concept of the web of life is that everything is interconnected: plants, animals, rocks, humans and even the spirits in the spirit world. Since my second journey indicated problems within my ancestry, emigration from foreign lands to America, and the sorrows it produced, Lauren suggested that I journey and ask my helpful spirits to ‘reconnect’ any web-of-life connections that needed repairing. This reconnection would take place during my journey or immediately after.

Journey 3: As the drumming began, I found myself in complete darkness. My young teacher met me there and we journeyed into the Lower World and entered the cave. We met up with the eagle, merged with him and flew off into the void.

Our focus was on me, as well as my relatives and ancestors. As we flew, I could see new connections already forming, like one single cable with numerous strands, growing forward toward the infinite web of life. Through our intentions we joined the connections, first with my immediate family, living and dead; aunts, uncles, cousins grandparents, my brother, my parents, my children, my wife, my in-laws. Ultimately the connections extended themselves to our ancestors in Ireland and Sweden. Finally, at the end of all the growth, the cable approached me and I accepted it into my heart. What a pleasant experience. I was happy!

Toward the end of the journey I asked if there were others we should include, like friends. My teacher said no, that this was ancestor-oriented and therefore the connections were created that way. I thanked my eagle and my teacher and I said a prayer of thanks to all the helpful spirits on behalf of my ancestors.