In early January 2013 I received a call from Steve asking me to do healing fro his wife, Susan. After getting Steve’s OK, I did a remote soul retrieval. This means, I did a soul retrieval at my home for Susan, even though we were in different physical locations.

After preparing with a transfiguration ritual, I went to the Lower World and met with my younger teacher. We merged in spirit and went to the Upper World to meet my healing guide. The three of us went to a temple inn the spirit world where we cleared the area of all energies, invited healing spirits to join us, and invited Susan’s spirit to join us. I laid down next to her and journeyed. immediately I found a soul part, little girl, maybe 4 or 5, who wanted to return. The little girl helped me find another soul part, a woman in her twenties who was hiding but agreed to return. I gave her a hug and the little girl talked to her. I had both of them enter the crystal in order to return.

I was about to end the journey when I saw a ‘hidden’ valley near some mountains. I went there and found a large dog, possibly a wild dog, not a breed or mix I recognized. Although he looked ferocious, he licked my hand. I petted him and realized he wanted to come with us to provide protection to Susan. I returned from the journey, ‘blew’ the two soul parts into Susan’s chest area, and placed the dog by her side. The little girl said she was bringing the gifts of fortitude and optimism. I don’t know what the woman in her twenties was returning with. Since this was a remote soul retrieval, I played a longer drumming track on the CD I was using and rattled for a long time. I ended the retrieval; about forty minutes had passed. I sent Steve a text message that I was through, but with no details of the journey. Later I sent Susan an email outlining my journey.

FEEDBACK: A month later I traveled with Steve and Susan to visit a friend . During the trip Steve said that Susan had experienced two dreams after I did the journey. They both involved her teaching things to other people. Steve said she seemed to fight off her illness more easily afterwards. Susan agreed and confirmed what Steve said. Susan also said the dog had great meaning for her. She also said the valley was important. She grew up in San Fernando, California which is surrounded by mountains.