Monday night I dreamed I was outside in nice weather with other people. Suddenly a woman screamed and the crowd of people started moving quickly. I looked on the ground and saw a black cobra coming through the grass. It was three or four feet long and had spread its hood. I was frightened. I don’t mind snakes; I’ve even held them a few times in the past. But this time I was nervous. The snake came right up to my feet and I reached down quickly and picked it up. It seemed to become smaller once I grabbed it. I didn’t hurt it and it did not bite me, but wiggled in the grasp of my hands. I awoke from my dream wondering what that was all about.

I forgot about the dream until last night and made a mental note to read Animal Speak by Ted Andrews to see what meaning it might have. This morning I checked it out. Andrews wrote that since snakes adapt so well to their environments, it could be an indication that the person who has this for a totem is also very adaptable. While adaptability is good, an adaptable person needs to be conscious and cautious of the groups with whom he or she associate. They must choose their friends wisely.

Andrews also wrote that the snake has been considered a God symbol as well as a symbol of evil, depending on the culture. Because of the fact that it sheds its skin, it is also a symbol of death and resurrection; the same capability is also seen as being able to move between the realms of the living and the dead. He said snakes are also symbols of change and healing.

On page 350 Andrews states, “Some people will acquire reptile totems as they grow older or go through specific changes in their life. Such changes can be very dramatic – a kind of death/rebirth process – or they may gentle assertions of new opportunities. When a reptile comes into your life, look for opportunities to assert yourself and develop self-reliance on some new level. The unfoldment of self-sufficiency will begin to occur.”

I have printed out a picture of a black cobra and put it in my computer room. I’ll let you know what, if anything, happens.