The quotes which follow are from The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols (pages 566 and 567) by Adele Nozedar, published by Harper Collins, 2007.

“The heart symbolizes the very center of being, both physical and spiritual, and has been twinned with the soul since time immemorial – even before the Egyptian “heart-soul” was weighed by Maat, the Goddess of Truth. As the last organ left in the mummy, the ideal heart was meant to be as light as a feather – Maat wore the ostrich  feather that has equally-balanced fronds as a symbol of justice. The heart should not be weighed down by misdeeds or untruths.”

“In the Hindu faith, it is called the Brahmapura, or House of Brahma.”

“In the Jewish tradition we find that the Holy of Holies is the heart of the temple of Jerusalem, which is the heart of the world in Judaism”

“The idea of the heart containing the ‘home’ of God is symbolized by the Kabbalistic image of the inverted heart that contains the letters of the tetragrammaton, the secret name of God.”

“In Islam, the heart is symbolic of the inner life of a person, of meditation and contemplation.”

“To put your heart and soul into something is to invest a project with as much energy and commitment as can be mustered. When we make a vow and we put our hand on our heart, this shows our sincerity to keep the promise.”

“The heart became associated with love recently, in the Middle Ages, and today the stylized heart symbol is synonymous with both the word ‘love’ and the concept, and is most prevalent around the time of St. Valentine’s Day on February 14th.”

May we open our hearts not only to all human beings, but also to all the elements and other beings, spiritual and physical, who share the benefits and abundance of Mother Earth.    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!