The first time I used the CD from Awakening To The Spirit World my intention was to go to the Lower World, see the cave that I had imagined as my entrance to that world, and meet my first power animal. I had read the directions on how to journey and followed them. Track three on the CD began to play. I pictured myself traveling to the cave’s location. It was easy. I was surprised. And before I could walk up to the cave an animal came along and I knew instantly it was my first power animal. I reached down, petted it and we walked into the cave together. My power animal led the way and showed me two other animals which also became my power animals. It happened just like the book suggested it might. When the journey ended I petted each animal, said goodbye, and returned to what we know as normal consciousness. I was amazed at how easy it was and how clearly I saw the cave and animals, and how I immediately understood what was happening.

When I told this to my teacher, Lauren, three years ago, she said it was probably easier for me because of all the meditation I had done. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed. As time has passed I know that, for me at least, this was one of the unanticipated benefits of all the hours I spent meditating. I might have done OK without it, but I know it helped.

The first time a person tries journeying to the spirit world, they have mixed feelings. They aren’t sure they will succeed. And even when they do succeed, it is easy to have doubts as to whether they really made contact or just imagined it. Sometimes I still wonder about this myself. I get a satisfactory answer when I ask myself two questions: ‘Did everything go as I thought it would?’ and ‘Did I accomplish what I set out to do?’ When the answer to the first question is ‘no’ I understand that my journey was real. If I was imagining it, it would have gone as I thought it would. The second question is a little trickier. Sometimes, rarely, the spirits decide I should not journey in a certain way or to a certain place and they refuse to help, probably for my own benefit. On the other hand, perhaps I needed to spend more time defining what it was that I wanted to accomplish before attempting the journey.

As you can see, journeying is not something I take for granted. I believe these reality checks are what keep me performing the journeys. I am keeping an open mind. In the case of soul retrievals, the feedback I get from my clients is both positive and encouraging.