First of all, I want to say thank you to Tracy for her follow-up comments about her recent experiences which she said resulted from her soul retrieval. When I read her comments I was surprised. I didn’t realize a year had already passed. That fact got me to thinking about the difference between ancient times and our ‘modern’ time. I remember reading about that difference. It was in something Sandra Ingerman wrote. I thought it was in her book Soul Retrieval: Mending The Fragmented Self, but I was wrong. Stuck in the book as a kind of bookmark was a copy of her monthly newsletter from January 2013. That’s where I read her comments comparing present and past.

And so I quote Sandra from that newsletter: “I am not trying to over romanticize indigenous cultures. But in indigenous cultures people from birth were supported in the gifts they were born with to share in their communities. And Soul Retrieval ceremonies were performed right after a trauma occurred in someone’s life. People in indigenous cultures were taught to live a harmonious life and also knew what caused any disharmony resulting in illness.”

“Life is not so simple in Western cultures. We are not always supported to live a life filled with meaning. We often cannot ‘connect the dots’ to how our lifestyle has created emotional and physical illnesses we are dealing with today. People lose parts of their soul at very young ages and show up to shamanic practitioners for Soul Retrieval work many years after a trauma has occurred in their lives.”

“I truly believe that the reason shamanism has survived over 100,000 years is the ability of the helping spirits to evolve the work to deal with the needs of people in different cultures and different times.”

Sandra’s comments are spot on. At different times in my life I wondered, how did someone deal with this in the past? When I was six and my mother died, my family didn’t take me to a Psychologist. That profession was still in its early years of development. I kept my feelings inside and didn’t learn how to let them out until after I was married, in my thirties. And it wasn’t until after I was taught Soul Retrieval that I recovered part of myself that had gone away.

I’m not complaining. I believe this is how my life was supposed to evolve. I was supposed to go through the struggles. It helped make me who I am today. But that’s not the way it has to be for everyone and I am thankful to Sandra Ingerman for teaching Lauren Torres, who in turn taught me, so that I can help others.