Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian method of healing. As with many Hawaiian words, Ho’oponopono is a combination of words. Ho’o means ‘to make’ and pono means ‘right’ or ‘correct’. Together they mean ‘to make correctly right’. There are principles that form the basis of this healing: For every cause there is an effect; Everything is connected to everything else; and, Everything is vibration. If you believe these principles, then you must believe that our every thought, word and action has an immediate effect on everything in the universe. Everything means ourselves, our families and our friends, as well as the world of spirit. Ho’oponopono is a way to heal ourselves, others and the whole world.

The process of Ho’oponopono consists of four sentences: 1.) I am sorry, 2.) Please forgive me, 3.) I love you, and 4.) Thank you. The sentence “I am sorry” includes the  harm we have done and our responsibility in the conflict or problem at hand. Even if we are the victim, we are still responsible for our part in the conflict; we are the only ones who can recognize and dismiss the feelings we have about the issue. Forgiveness originates within us.

“Please forgive me” is recognition that we have acted in ways contrary to love and harmony. If we are the victim, we must let negativity go. If we are the aggressor, we must seek forgiveness for the wrong we have done. Most of the time, we are both victim and aggressor because we have responded negatively to what we perceived as something negative done or said to us. We often fulfill both roles simultaneously.

“I love you” is recognition of the spirit of love and harmony that must prevail. When we say ‘I love you’ we are also saying we love ourselves because everything is interconnected. To love you is to love me. We are One. This love must be the love Our Creator has for us and for all of creation. There are no conditions associated with this love; it is the basis of the universe.

“Thank you” signifies that the issue is closed from the speaker’s point of view. It is a recognition that the miracle of reconciliation is already under way. We give thanks for the opportunity to regain harmony and love for ourselves and for the other party or parties who are going through the forgiveness process with us. They are, in turn, sending love, harmony and forgiveness to us. We are now free from the bonds of negative emotions and thoughts that were harming us. The problem has been settled forever and will not be discussed again.

We must view conflicts and problems correctly, as the helpful opportunities which life sends our way. I say helpful because it is through overcoming them that we become better human beings, physically and mentally, as well as better spiritual beings. Being healthy in body, mind and spirit is how we were created and how our Creator wants us to live.

My prayer: May everyone who reads these words give and receive forgiveness, and live in peace, love, and harmony. Amama Ua Noa! (Translation: My prayer has flown! It is free!)