I’m writing about healing our self because we are the source of much of our physical, emotional and psychological problems. We tend to think that our problems are caused by other sources, people or diseases, but the truth is that the harm is done when we internalize issues, create hateful thoughts, and refuse to give them up. I firmly believe that every thought we have, good or bad, affects our health. They affect health when they become a permanent part of our psyche; a mental recording associated with a person, place or event. Good thoughts create health. Bad thoughts create illness.

In the case of bad thoughts, every time we see that person or place again, we remember what happened and reconnect the thought to our negative feelings. This may happen on a subconscious level. We relive it as though it was happening again, like the replay of an old movie. Eventually these ‘replays’ cause negativity to seep into our physical bodies, down to the cellular level. That’s where the illness begins. If it settles in our immune system, we catch the flu, or worse. If it goes to our heart, we start having a heart condition, etc.

Obviously physical exercise and proper eating help improve health. Exercise relieves tensions and promotes muscular and heart health. Good eating provides the proper nutrients for a lean, healthy body. But what do we do to combat those negative recordings we have made part of our lives? We must understand the mind-body connection in the sense of bad thoughts causing bad health. Then we must realize the thoughts we created, I repeat, the thoughts WE created, are now causing negative reactions in our bodies.

So how do we get rid of these thoughts? There is a Ho’oponopono technique described as ‘cleansing’ that we can use. I will provide that in my next blog, “Healing: Our Self – Part Two”. In the meantime, if you are interested in reading more about it, I highly recommend¬†The Easiest Way: solve your problems and take the road to love, happiness, wealth and the life of your dreams by Mabel Katz. Mabel learned Ho’oponopono over a ten year period and now teaches the subject. This is not a get-rich-quick book. It is a get-healthy-quick book. Healthy blessings to you, your friends, and your family!