It is important to have the intention of healing foremost in our mind when using Ho’oponopono. We must focus specifically on what we are trying to do, namely heal ourselves. The reason intention is important is because we are communicating with our subconscious; you can think of it as our Inner Child. Our Inner Child needs to understand our wishes without any confusion. Intention satisfies that requirement.

There are three aspects of ourselves we are dealing with in Ho’oponopono: our mind or intellect; our Inner child or subconscious; and our Superconscious, which we can think of as our soul. The mind is based in rationality. It is there we make the conscious decision to seek assistance. This is where we are exerting our free will; making changes or decisions that will affect our life. This is where we formulate the thoughts that we use to request the assistance of our subconscious or Inner Child. Those thoughts should be conveyed in a manner which shows love and respect for our Inner Child. When we ask in this way, our Inner Child will always respond.

Our subconscious, or Inner Child, is that part of us that governs our automatic processes: breathing, our heartbeat, and all the other functions that make our organs and body parts work in unison for our health. The interesting thing about our Inner Child is that it does not question the requests we make. It accepts them and acts upon them without hesitation. And it accomplishes this by attracting to us whatever we think about. As you may imagine, this can be good, or bad. As I said, our Inner Child does not question what it has been told to do. Our Inner Child also communicates with our Superconscious or our soul.

When we tell the subconscious to eliminate negativity in our minds, it communicates that to our Superconscious or soul. The Superconscious may also be thought of as our Higher Self, some might call it our Guardian Angel. This is our direct connection with Divinity. Our petitions to the Inner Child are funneled to our Higher Self and then sent to God. God then decides how our prayers will be answered, and when. God’s decision is based on what will be the best answer for us and when the best time will be for us to receive it.

If you wish to ‘cleanse’ more quickly, you may simply say to your Inner Child “I love you” and “Thank you.” It will understand this is a shorthand method of communicating and will act accordingly. If you don’t specify a particular problem, it will automatically choose one, so you will still be accomplishing self healing. As a side note, I find it interesting that these two  phrases are so powerful. I am reminded of my blog from September 9, 2013 about The True Power of Water. If you remember, the experiments in that book showed that the two most powerful words in the English language were love and gratitude, the same messages we are sending our Inner Child. May God bless all of us with health and harmony!