On Monday I promised I’d let you know when I had more info on my Mana card reading. This is it. But I have to start back at March 2nd and the first dream that is tied into the past Monday and Wednesday nights. Sometimes it takes a while to realize how things are interconnected. I’ll be brief.

On March 2nd I had two dreams which I did not previously mention.  In the first dream there was a woman representing my mother; she appeared carrying a baby. The baby was me. I was also there in my adult form. I had a bottle of milk in my hands. She gave me the baby (me) and I fed myself the milk. Second dream: A woman was showing me how to create a picture. She placed a large piece of art paper flat on the table in front of me. I held my right hand palm down, fingertips, heel of my hand and base of my thumb touching the page. I moved my hand to the right and a small picture of a woman appeared. I did it again and the picture got bigger. The picture was more like blue shadings than a sketch. I did it a third time and the woman’s head filled the page. She had dark hair and dark eyes and I felt my heart reach out to her.

On Monday, March 24th I had the (3rd) dream I blogged about in which I was skating. Later in the day I did the Mana card reading looking for an interpretation of the skating dream. The Mana card indicated I should focus on strengthening my ties with Haumea, the Hawaiian version of Mother Earth. In the evening I said a prayer that I would learn how to establish this reconnection.

Wednesday evening, March 26th, my friend Razena held a chakra class that I attended, called ChakraDance. For information, you may send her an email. Her address is razena@razena.net. It’s more than just a class because it included guided meditations on each chakra and a dance that helped us connect with our chakras. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, felt relaxed, danced, and really connected with my crown chakra, the one above the top of my head. At the end we created our own mandala based on our experience.

Wednesday night I had a sound sleep, but it included a (4th) dream where I kept seeing a dark oval. Every time I saw it my heart was flooded with energy and love. Toward the end of the dream I saw a gorgeous brunette with black eyes and I immediately fell in love with her. She reminded me of my wife, Marilyn; but it wasn’t her. At first I believed she was Mother Earth, in a form more beautiful than any I had ever seen. Razena believes the image is my feminine side or anima. I now believe the image is both: my anima and my  connection to Mother Earth. I don’t see her as a simple dream image. She is a real part of me and she is a relationship I will explore. May God continue to bless us and Mother Earth.