Yesterday I spent two hours raking and bagging leaves, branches and dead grass from my front yard. Several times  I heard geese, but when I looked up I couldn’t see any. Still, I knew they were flying somewhere nearby journeying to Canada on a course that takes them over Chicago as they head northwest to their breeding grounds. This morning I did the back yard. It only took one hour. Right in the middle of my work I heard geese again. This time I saw them directly overhead. There were fifty or sixty of them flying slowly, waiting for individual geese to catch up and join them. It was a beautiful sight.

During lunch I thought about the geese again and how they rely on their instinct to lead them to their summer home up north. I realized, perhaps for the first time, that their migration was a great analogy  for my own situation in recent years. Some people are practically born knowing what they want to do in life. Not me. I always admired those people; perhaps I was a little jealous too. I loved my wife and children, but during most of my life I felt like a fish out of water at work. I enjoyed telecommunications and project management; especially I enjoyed meeting with customers and getting their systems installed. But at the end of the day I didn’t feel like I had contributed significantly to the human race. I was caught up in the artificial system we call business and its focus was on money. It was simply mundane. I can remember wishing I would find a vocation that was more oriented toward helping mankind.

As they say, be careful what you wish for; my problem was solved in 2001 when I got downsized. After that I was a free as a goose, and as well paid. I had to avoid a financial meltdown, figure out how to survive until I had more income, and then decide what I would do with the rest of my life. I turned inward, to my inner self. Like the geese, I found help from within. Once I began spirit walking I began finding a wonderful sense of direction.

Now, when I see groups of geese resting in a field or on a lake, I like to think at least one of them, perhaps all of them, are doing their own spirit walking. They are meeting with their spirit counterparts, receiving information about the next day’s flight, what to look for, where to turn, and where they will find shelter for the night. The obvious lessons here is (snickering), “As above, so below.”