Mana is a spiritual power that flows through the universe, creating health and wellbeing in our bodies, minds and spirits. Each mana card symbolizes a way in which the flow of the mana energy may be increased. One of the cards, number 26, is Nalu which means waves and also contemplation. It shows a man swimming in the ocean and has several symbols: the sun represents a new day, another chance; the rainbow means release; a lava flow represents obstacles building up and going away; and the waves symbolize emotions, coming and going.

When our emotions are resisted, or blocked, they can cause physical and/or psychological problems. How we react to our emotions determines whether they will be bad for us. Like waves, we can underestimate their power and they can harm us. Fighting emotions or fighting waves is a losing battle. And they can’t be ignored because they will overpower us and carry us away.

One way to avoid being swept away by a wave is to dive underneath it and let it pass harmlessly over our heads. Another way is to go with the wave and see where it takes us. Sooner or later its power will subside and we will be released from its grasp. In either case, we don’t struggle against the wave. It is too powerful.

Emotions are like waves. We should recognize, experience, and understand them.  When we do, it is like diving underneath or letting them move us around. Paying attention to them allows their power to dissipate. Then we can allow them to pass us by. We will feel the emotion and let it go. This letting go will keep them from harming us.