Looking for inspiration, I asked the Mana Cards “What should I tell my blog readers today?” I expected to pick one card for a theme, however two cards popped out while I was cutting the deck into four stacks. I took that as an indication I needed to use both.

First card: 33, WA’A, meaning Transition. The picture on the card shows a large ship with sails on a rough sea. The Pleiades are overhead representing our point of origin and used for navigation. The message is “Great changes are on the horizon: a journey or an unanticipated change in direction. This change requires timing and patience to insure safety. We must chart our course carefully and allow the winds to move us forward.”

Second card: 36, POHAKU, means Relations. The picture on the card shows an upright, phallic stone representing fertility. Nearby is a bowl of coconut milk representing semen. Various plants surround these two items suggesting purification, the umbilical cord, healing and a blow of poi represents family. The message is: “Healthy relations nurture, heal, inspire and provide us with a sense of who we are. Unhealthy relations drain our energy, make us ill and depressed, and confuse us about our purpose or self-identity. We must seek a sense of community to survive and thrive. Now is the time to connect with a community if you haven’t already done so. We have an important part to play and important contributions to make to our community. These will strengthen our connections, not only to our community, but also to our Source.”

The concept of community does not mean the large city or town we live in. It refers to smaller, independent communities which may or may not consist of blood relations. The community must provide a foundation for all activities: spiritual, environmental, political, economic and even artistic activities. You’ll know if you are in the ‘right’ community based on how the members treat each other.