As noted in my last blog, this information about brain functions and treatments comes from Dr. Amen’s book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. The book contains descriptions of problems, what part of the brain they are associated with, and prescriptions for dealing with them. Some prescriptions require medication, others do not. In addition, the book contains checklists to help you determine how serious the condition is. I also want to point out that Dr. Amen has a wonderful website where you can get all of this information real-time. His website is http://www.amenclinics,com .

Dr. Amen defines five specific brain areas and the issues associated with each:

1. Love and Depression: The Deep Limbic System

2. Anxiety and Fear: The Basal Ganglia

3. Inattention and Impulsivity: The Prefrontal Cortex

4. Worry and Obsessiveness: The Cingulate System

5. Memory and Temper: The Temporal Lobes

As noted in the book, it is not necessary to go to the clinics for a SPECT scan. Dr. Amen’s book and website contain checklists you can use to identify whether there is a serious brain function problem. I have used one of them and found it to be very helpful. I highly recommend the checklists.

In the future I will devote a blog to each of the above categories to give you an overview of Dr. Amen’s book. However, his website and especially his book have much more information than I can provide in my blogs. My goal is to present enough to peak your curiosity so that you use the tools he has presented. As I wrote in my last blog, I am convinced that this information will change the way you view other human beings. My prayer is that it will help you heal yourself and others by solving problems associated with brain function difficulties. Amama Ua Noa!