The bible teaches us we are made in the image and likeness of God. I have heard discussions about this, and differing opinions as to what ‘image and likeness’ mean. Perhaps you have too. My focus has always been, “How can I understand, and more importantly experience, this connection?” I have discovered an answer that satisfies me, so I will share it with you. It probably won’t perfectly coincide with your idea; it didn’t coincide with my original idea either. But it is a pleasant explanation and it may be you will wish to incorporate it, or parts of it, into your belief system. I’m not proselytizing; only reporting. The decision is yours.

I believe what is taught in Hawaiian spirituality. The term they use for it is Aumakua. As with many Hawaiian words, it can be divided into smaller words; au meaning distant and makua meaning ancestor. These beings are spirits and were thought of like we think of guardian angels who would advise and help us. In the book Spiritwalker, Dr. Hank Wesselman defines it in the Glossary as our “Personal ancestral spiritual aspect; our High self, god self, angelic self; and as the Immortal spiritual source self.”

As I learned  journeying to the spirit world, our Higher Self exists separately but concurrently with our earthly self. So this means that, even though both are part of the same whole, they can exist at separate levels of consciousness. Why aren’t we aware of this connection? Because our consciousness is so closely tied to our physical body that it’s focus is on the overabundance of information our brains constantly receive from the outside world. The world is a huge distraction. And it leads us to believe we are separate entities, not connected to anything else. That concept helps us survive in the physical world, but it blinds us to the possibilities of the spirit world. In order to experience our Higher Self, it is necessary to find the level of consciousness between complete wakefulness and sleep; a place where we can step into the spirit world while still being conscious of our physical surroundings.

During one of my earliest journeys to the Upper World of spirits, I encountered this spirit. At first I viewed it as a separate being. Then, as we began to communicate our thoughts, I learned that we were one in being. Although I felt an emotional reaction, it had the biggest impact on my mental outlook. After the journey ended and I returned to ordinary reality, I realized that I had been receiving guidance from my Aumakua throughout my lifetime. It was as though I recognized the source of those thoughts that had always been helpful; keeping me out of trouble when I was young and helping me make correct decisions as an adult. My Aumakua was the being I had always thought of as my guardian angel.

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