Although I spent four years in the United States Army and was never involved in a combat situation, I have the greatest respect for those men and women who have combat experience. They served under the most difficult situations any person can ever have. So on this Memorial Day we should remember those who served, especially in wartime; especially the men and women who served during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I single these people out because they had so many deployments into combat. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to serve one tour of duty to Iraq or Afghanistan, much less three and four tours of duty. It is asking too much for any human being to be exposed to combat that frequently, especially since the ‘recuperation time’ between tours was far too short. Combat veterans, in their typical, patriotic way will never complain about the number of tours because of the comradeship they developed with their fellow soldiers. They want to be with those people to help fight for our cause and to help their comrades survive. They are so giving they are willing to give their lives for their fellow soldiers as well as for their countrymen.

My prayer for these veterans: “May God see that each and every one of them receive the benefits their country owes them. May He insure that each and every one of them are healed from their wounds, physical as well as stress-related. May they receive the love and devotion they deserve from their families, friends and fellow citizens. And may they reach a place where they find peace of mind, balance and harmony in their lives, and new, peaceful goals toward which they may focus the rest of their lives. Amama Ua Noa.”