Many of the following thoughts are taken directly from Mana Cards by Becker and Nardin, pages 74 and 75.

In the Hawaiian tradition there are rituals that use sea water for purification. Sea water can represent tears. Sometimes there’s nothing more purifying than a good cry to clear our thoughts and emotions. Purification is periodically required to get rid if negative influences whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

When we discuss physical purification we must include our daily diet. What foods are we eating? Are they wholesome or filled with empty calories? Are we overusing some food products, ones associated with alcohol? Are we eating too much fast food, filling ourselves with high fat content foods? Are we getting enough frequent exercise? Are we getting enough sleep at night? Is our living environment clean and healthy? These are all areas where purification should take place. We must be aware of them and check our physical habits regularly to maintain our health. Ask ourselves, what do we need to change to be healthier?

Emotional health means our words and deeds must be good and genuine. They come from within us. But, as with physical health, we must be aware of what emotional issues we are feasting upon. If we start our day with a diet of TV news, shootings, war and hateful interviews with political opponents, interrupted by long periods of commercials urging us to buy the latest product because it will make us better or happier, our emotions will be affected in a negative way. Just as we must watch what our mouths consume, we must guard what our eyes see and our ears hear. It’s easy to get depressed watching too much TV.

Of course our emotional outlook affects our mental outlook too. Bad feelings can turn into negative thoughts which can result in bad actions. We should not hold grudges or resentments and when we realize they exist within us, we must rid ourselves of them in order to have good intentions. (See also my blog on using Ho’oponopono to eliminate resentments).

Last but not least is our spiritual purity. Prayer and meditation are great ways to keep our spiritual life pure. We must remember to focus on the needs of others, not just ourselves. Working on spiritual purity through prayer and meditation is the key to keeping our physical, mental and emotional aspects in healthy condition because it encourages us to focus on the highest good for all concerned. Spiritual purification is our corner stone. Physical, mental and emotional purification depend on the daily effort we put into our spiritual life.