I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I would discuss a recent omen in my life. What is an omen? Some people think of it as superstition. I don’t. I see an omen as being a message from Nature that catches my attention and relates in some way to my personal life. In a previous blog I mentioned an omen where a blue heron flew low, directly over my head. It was unusual and I knew I had to look up information on the blue heron to see what it meant in my life. At the time I was thinking of creating a different blog, one related to the craft of writing . The message I discovered was that I needed to be aggressive in my self determination and self reliance. The omen convinced me that I should blog Spirit Walking Journal. Later when I did a journey to the spirit world on that idea, my spirit friends let me know they agreed. That’s how omens work, in my life and in the lives of others.

Recently I was at a friend’s house. Behind the home is a large pond. It is stocked with fish. A muskrat lives there. Water birds frequent the location. Usually I see white herons. Sometimes I see hawks, turkey buzzards and other birds. It’s where I saw the blue heron.

On a recent morning there were a few birds there, maybe three or four ducks. Then something caught my attention. One of the ducks went under water looking for fish. It didn’t just put its head in the water, it disappeared under water. When it happened again I timed it, 20 or more seconds; and when it surfaced it came up ten to fifteen feet away from where it went under. This bird was a diver. Its feathers were dark. It was on the far side of the pond. I borrowed my friend’s binoculars. The only distinguishing feature I could see was that its beak was long and seemed to turn down at the end. Then it left. I decided to look in my bird book to discover what I saw. The only water bird that matched was a cormorant.

Failing to find any reference to cormorants in my copy of Animal Speak, I went to Wikipedia; God bless Wikipedia. The name, cormorant, may be derived from the Latin corvus marinus, or “sea raven.” “Sea raven” was also an old Germanic name for cormorants.Their plumage is dark and they live around water; fresh water as well as oceans. Cormorants range in size from 18 inches to 40 inches. The one I saw was larger than a duck but smaller than a goose. Wikipedia indicated cormorants have dark plumage and a long, thin bill that is sharply hooked. OK, so I found it. What does it mean as an omen? For that you have to consider its behavior. It lives and feeds in the water (emotions). It eats fish, which are associated with the feminine (look up the latin term vesica piscis). And it flies – soaring to the heights.

I already knew from numerology that this year was a great opportunity for me to work on getting my masculine and feminine aspects to work in unison. So the omen was a reminder that, like the cormorant, I need to be comfortable in both worlds, the element of water (feminine) and my normal world (masculine). I took the water to mean that I had to express my emotions without letting them run away with my judgment.