Carl Jung believed that our unconscious was the place where individual dreams and memories were stored. He also described the collective unconscious as residing there in the form of dreams and archetypes. These thoughts can be pleasant or unpleasant. Most of us would rather avoid this area as it seems a little scary, and often too personal.

If you find your self having recurring thoughts or dreams, or acting and speaking in ways that are not your normal, it may be that the source of these activities is the unconscious. They may leave you drained of energy or feeling depressed. The best way to handle these ideas is to ask yourself tough questions. What do they mean? Are they directed toward someone specifically? Who? How do I feel about that person? Don’t accept superficial answers. Look for the truth.

A good way to deal with dreams is to pray before you go to sleep at night asking for understanding about the dreams. Then keep a pen and notebook nearby. When you have the dream, get up and write it down, including as many details as you can. Then review it the following day and see what insights you receive. You might even consider keeping a dream journal for a while. I did that for a couple of years and found it helped me understand what my mind was working on when I thought it was asleep.

When you keep a journal, or ask yourself questions, you bring those ideas out from the darkness and into the light. It will help you understand yourself more fully and may help you resolve problems and smooth out your emotions.

Wednesday’s blog will be about how to perform a simple ritual to remove thoughts and beliefs from your psyche that are especially difficult to eliminate.