Last blog I discussed dreams and negative thoughts. Some may be eliminated by recognizing them. Others may have become bad habits and are more difficult to shake. For example, I grew up in the 1950’s when school, church, family and friends all supported the idea that we should suppress our own needs and desires in order to become a better person. This had a big effect on me, especially since I had a problem with self confidence. For me it was counterproductive. Over time it became a habit, a difficult one to break. I became non-assertive, embarrassingly so. Eventually, in my 30’s, I stated to learn to become assertive, but that’s a long time.

Thorough examining my thoughts, actions and dreams (as I recommended in the last blog) I have become aware of negativities in my own makeup. I got rid of some of them over time, but others have persisted. So I was not surprised July 6th when my Hawaiian cards told me there were still many issues I had eliminate completely. I tried to think of a good way to do that and decided the best way was to make a list of each and every issue I wanted to eliminate. After I created the list, I could pray over it, take the list outside to my barbecue grill, and burn it until nothing but ashes were left.

As a writer I had discovered something called a mind map. In order to organize a story, you write the plot in the center of the page and circle it. Then you write other aspects of the plot; beginning, middle, end and circle them and connect them to the center. Around the circle for Beginning, you write parts of the story’s beginning and connect them to the Beginning circle … and so on. Eventually you have a whole page of ideas and your story is getting organized. I decided to do the same thing for my issues.

I put PJM (me) in the center and then had other categories of Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions, Relationships, and Finance. I connected them to PJM and created 47 negative thoughts, attitudes, and habits about myself that I wanted to eliminate. I also created a ritual. I lit incense and asked my helpful spirits for assistance (you can ask saints, or angels, or your guardian angel if you wish). I also asked for blessings on our earth, atmosphere, environment and ourselves.

I read the list of what I wanted to eliminate, washed my hands and face with water for cleansing, thanked the spirits in advance for their help and took the list outside. I opened the grill, lit the paper and held it up to be sure it burned thoroughly. There were nothing but ashes left in less than a minute. I returned to my house and drummed for about fifteen minutes to finalize my efforts.

I have felt noticeably better since doing this. It has a good psychological effect. Give it a try, even if it is only one negative thought or habit. Let me know how it goes.