I just made this dreamcatcher this weekend. It’s small, about four inches in diameter and I made it from a kit I got at Hobby Lobby. For  a first attempt, I think it turned out well.

The idea of a dreamcatcher is that it filters out bad or negative dreams and only allows good dreams to enter your thoughts at night. This is the first time I tried using one and I modified the concept by praying that the dreamcatcher would be highly selective. I wanted this one to be focused on one specific issue and to only let good dreams about that issue pass through. I didn’t know if this would work, but gave it a try. Last night was the first time I hung it in my bedroom.

I woke up around three AM and four AM and didn’t remember any dreams. Then I fell asleep again and had a dream after five AM. I won’t go into the details of the dream because I don’t want to divulge the purpose of the dreamcatcher, but it did work. OK, I’ll give you a hint; the feathers are turkey feathers and the turkey is a symbol of abundance. In the dream I was moving along past and through various difficulties for a long, long time. I never lost my determination to succeed. I kept moving forward. Just before the dream ended I could see the way ahead of me was clearing up. I knew I would accomplish my goal as long as I kept moving forward. With this knowledge, I moved confidently ahead.

I plan on keeping the dream catcher for the foreseeable future. I’m hoping that, over time, it will help me focus on specific things I can do to make progress. And since this seems to be working well, I plan on making a dreamcatcher for a friend who is ill. The new dreamcatcher will be focused on bringing my friend healing dreams to cure my friend’s medical problem. I’ll let you know how that goes and I’ll keep you informed about my future dreams. Have a great week!