Neti Pot

Neti Pot


In mid-August, 1976 I had my first attack of hay fever and I have had it every year since. At one point my wife, Marilyn, found a product that was wonderful. I thought it was a miracle drug. In recent years I have been taking Wal-itin, Walgreen’s version of Claritin. It too, has worked wonders, but it had side effects. It affected my mental sharpness and made me feel depressed. I am a very optimistic person but I began telling friends that, if I ever committed suicide, it would probably be on a Monday in the middle of hay fever season.

This year I saw an ad on a TV channel, describing the benefits of using a neti pot (pictured above). The ad said it worked for allergies , including hay fever. I had already taken a couple of doses of my allergy medicine and I was already feeling depressed, so I decided to give the neti pot a try. Am I glad I did!

I went to Walgreens and bought a product called NeilMed NasaFlo. NeilMed is a company founded by Dr. Ketan C. Mehta, M.D. For twelve dollars I got the neti pot and 50 premixed packers of sinus rinse. You pour a cup of distilled water into the pot, add a packet of the rinse and apply it to your sinuses. You do this by tilting your head to one side, pouring the mixture into one nostril, and letting it flow out the other. Halfway through, you switch nostrils.

I know this sounds messy, but it is working so well for me that I had to tell everyone about it. For the record, I have no connection with the doctor or his company, no stock or anything. This is just one of those products that works very well. For example, this morning, before I used the neti pot, I went for a 45 minute walk outside. When I got back I saw an allergy report that said ragweed was the number one weed allergy for today. While  I did sneeze a couple of times during my walk, I did not have a big allergic reaction. And after I used the neti pot, the sneezing stopped.

If you have allergy problems, give this a try, especially if you get depressed using your medication like I did. It used to be that I struggled with allergy problems from mid-August until the first frost. Now, I feel great. I’m anxious to see how this works at the peak of allergy season, late August to early September. I’ll let you know. I wish you health and happiness!