My prayers and sympathy go out to the families and friends of the people who were murdered by terrorists in France. May God help all of them through their period of grief and mourning.

As for the terrorists, they still don’t understand that most of the people on earth look with disgust on such actions. Their actions don’t terrorize anyone and bring nothing but shame to the terrorists’ cause. Terrorists would produce much more favorable results if they used modern media intelligently and appealed to the world’s conscience with a public relations campaign, possibly sponsored by the United Nations, to help legitimize their complaints about the way in which the Prophet Mohammed was portrayed. Most of the people on earth believe personal religious beliefs are sacred and should be treated with great respect. Most of the people on earth would support such a claim.

A few weeks ago Sony released the movie The Interview. After seeing the trailer I knew I would never see the movie. One of my objections was that it was too specific naming the leader of North Korea and portraying him in film when the main plot was his assassination. If another country put out a film about assassinating our President Obama, we would be outraged. Sony should have made this film as a metaphor; a fictitious country with a fictitious leader, with a CIA plot to remove him through a stolen election. It could have been funny.

Everyone in the media including film companies, directors, actors, screenwriters, writers of fiction and non-fiction, TV and radio broadcasters, and everyone who blogs or communicates with the public online should step back at this moment and ask themselves, “What kind of world am I creating with my talents? Am I creating hate and enmity? Or am I creating peace and harmony?”

The rest of us, who consume the media output, should ask ourselves, “What kind of media do I want to support if I want to promote peace and harmony in the world?”