I hate waiting for ‘life’ to happen. Even though I am a laid back kind of person, I’d rather do something than sit and wait. It’s one of my personality challenges. Perhaps my decision-making process is governed by the planet Mercury. I don’t know.

Right now I feel like my life is ‘idling’. I believe something is going to happen but I don’t want to wait. So I consulted my Mana Cards this afternoon. After saying a prayer for spiritual help to get the best answer for all concerned, I asked the following question: “When it comes to performing an act to improve our life, is it better to think-decide-act or better to wait for inspiration to direct us?”

I set the deck on the table, pushed the cards in every direction to mix them up, formed them back into a deck, cut it and fanned the two halves together, not once but three times. Then I cut the deck into four piles, reassembled it and picked the top card. The top card was number 26, NALU. It means waves and also contemplation. It shows a man swimming in ocean waves, the sun and rainbow overhead, lava flowing into the sea underneath.

Meaning: Waves are neither good or bad; they simply come and go. Our reaction is what counts. Contemplate the waves; learn to anticipate their patterns. To avoid problems caused by the wave’s force, dive under it, or go with it. Sooner or later it will lose it’s force and release you. Study the patterns and allow the waves to lead you to the shore.

Darn! I guess I’ll just sit here and watch the ebb and flow of my life and see where it takes me.