The temperature was already 57 degrees when I went out this morning at 10:00 AM. I decided to go for my long walk, 2.3 miles, up and down Greenwood with a loop around Memorial Park. This past winter I hardly got out and really missed my regular connection with Mother Nature.

I was only three blocks into my journey when a hawk flew onto a tree forty feet overhead and called to me three times. I stopped to see what kind it was but it was a dark shadow against the bright morning clouds. I asked the hawk if he had a message, closed my eyes, and believed it was something like be alert or be watchful. Maybe it was simply ‘welcome to springtime.’ I also saw lots of robins (new growth, spring), a couple of cardinals (renewed vitality), lot of sparrows (triumph of common nobility), and heard a woodpecker (the power of rhythm).

I continued on my walk and turned toward the park. Two blocks further on I heard the same hawk call, right  above and behind me. There it was, in the tree top, watching me. This time I tried hard to see it but once again the contrast against the sky made it hard to see details other than its short tail and curved beak. I continued on my walk.

As you may remember, the red tailed hawk is one of my power animals, which means that all hawks fit into that category for me. The red tailed hark is associated with the east, the process of birth, spirituality and guardianship. It was one of the first power animals I met when I began journeying.

I continued around the park and found the same hawk up in the same tree when I started walking home. It didn’t make any sounds but I saw it watching me as I passed. I always feel protected when I encounter hawks, even if it’s when I’m driving and they’re soaring high above the traffic, looking for a meal. Over time these feelings only grow stronger and, the more they occur, the more I feel connected to nature.

Have a great day, get out for a walk if you can, and have a great week.