Diane Sawyer did a great job with the Bruce Jenner interview. She asked all the right questions to help us understand the issues, and Bruce’s needs, completely. I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch, but once the program began I couldn’t turn it off. The interview left me with a complete understanding of Bruce and his needs. I cried when I realized how difficult this had been for him even back in the 1970’s, when he was in the Olympic spotlight.

My wife, Marilyn, and I watched the 1976 Summer Olympics and were elated when Bruce won the gold medal for the decathlon. His athletic abilities and competitiveness resulted in his winning one of the world’s highest athletic honors. There was no way of knowing then what he was experiencing and how incomplete he felt as a human being.

The wonder and inspiration of that Olympic event was eclipsed last Friday night when Bruce talked openly about his desire to act and dress like a woman. Bruce faced an estimated 17 million viewers and talked openly about his most personal issue, his sexuality and his desire to ‘come out of the closet.’ It is impossible to imagine how much courage that required. Friday’s interview will have a more positive effect on people than his gold medal ever could have. I am happy and thankful to see that Bruce’s courage wasn’t limited to the field of sports.

The age we live in, the Age of Communications, is providing us with a wonderful opportunity to promote peace, love, and harmony in our world. It will change the human race and help us evolve into what humanity was meant to be: kind, loving, accepting and sensitive to the needs of the individual. As someone was quoted saying during the interview, it’s difficult to hate someone when you understand their story.

Bruce Jenner: Hero!