I attended Drumming Circle last night. We always start with introductions and discuss what we are currently working on. Some people are working on journeying, some are writing their book (ahem) and some are just involved in their day-to-day activities.

Part of our discussion had to do with healing and energy. One of the participants, Dana, mentioned a couple of U-Tube videos she had seen on how we could affect our energy. One of them is called The Celtic Weave. Basically it is a series of movements you use to gather up your aura and re-energize yourself.

Now I know some of you think such ideas are ‘out there’ (Patrick). But I’d like you to give this a try. See for yourself how it affects your energy. The first time I did it I felt energy rushing around my body, similar to getting the ‘chills’. This was followed by a feeling that I had received an energy boost. You won’t find the link in this post, but it is on a post I made earlier today on my FaceBook page. It only takes a few minutes to watch and try. Enjoy! Enjoy!

And thanks to Dana for sharing this with our group.