I’m reading a book titled, Life’s Little Rituals: Celebrations for Everyday Living, by Alexandria. It was published in 2004 by Citadel Press Books. Alexandria lists four definitions. The first two are related to religious rituals. Her book is about the other two; a ceremonial act or action and, a customarily repeated act or series of acts.

As she notes in her book, a ritual can be as simple as walking in the front door and saying “Home Sweet Home.” On the other hand, it can be more complex, like the one I performed this afternoon. I created it for myself. It is  twenty-five minutes long and includes rattling, prayers, drumming and incense. If you haven’t performed any rituals but are interested, I would suggest making one up, like I did:
  • what do you want, what is your intention? Write it down.
  • pick a spot, indoors or out, where you can do your ritual
  • say a prayer, or perform an activity that clears negative energies that place
  • restate the intention of your ritual
  • walk around the spot in a circle, stopping at each of the major directions, asking for help from the spirits associated with that direction: start in the East, go to the South, to the West, and finish with the North, going clockwise around the circle. You may use a rattle or drum as you do this.
  • go back to the center, read your intention aloud; ask helpful spirits to help you achieve your goal
  • when you have finished,  end with a command that your wishes be fulfilled; something like “As it is spoken, so is it done” or even a simple Amen
  • drum or rattle for a few moments
  • thank all the spirits who helped you
  • announce the ritual is ended and that all spirits are free to leave
This may be more than you need. You can pick and choose as you wish. Start simple and build on it later.
This week is a great time to add positive energies because the sun has just started the summer solstice and the moon has just entered its new phase that will culminate in a full moon on July 1st. The beginning of seasons and the beginning of new moon are a great time to do rituals.
Maybe you knew this and I am preaching to the choir. Just thought I’d share. Enjoy!