Why Journey to the Spirit World?


This is a good question. Journeying is a method of direct revelation. We learn directly from our spirit guides. This learning can take the form of asking for guidance in decision making or to seek healing for ourselves and others. Why would spirits want to help? Spirit guides have a purpose just as we do. One of their prime purposes is to help us. By helping us they assist with the evolution of the universe. It’s that simple.

When I think of helpful spirits I remember what I learned in Catholic school about guardian angels. The sisters taught us a prayer to our guardian angel:

Angel of God, my guardian dear,

To whom God’s love commits me near,

Ever this day be at my side,

To light, to guard, to rule, to guide.

The last line summarizes what guardian angels do for us. This is true whether we call them angels or helping spirits. I recognize and respect the doctrinal differences between religion and spirit walking. I’m saying there are also some similarities in this area of spirit guidance.

As an adult, before I started spirit walking, there were times when I ignored messages from within. I always regretted it. On the other hand, I enjoyed the results when I paid attention to that inner voice. Spirit guides give good, accurate advice. We may receive this advice without journeying but journeying helps us focus on the message. We form an intention, set aside quiet time to ask our question, and listen for the answer.

Why is it important to listen for spirit guidance? Our purpose is perfectly in line with the spirits. We are here to evolve individually and, through our evolution, influence the evolution of humanity as well as Mother Earth and the entire universe. Everything is interconnected because every part of God’s creation contains part of God within it. Imagine how wonderful the world could be if more people paid attention to their inner guidance.

The Importance of Community


Yesterday I went to a small party in Manhattan, IL, on the southern fringe of Chicago’s Suburban area. The going away party was for a senior member who grew up there. She had been in assisted living but was moving to live with family in Texas so she could get more day-to-day help.

My Maggie grew up in Manhattan, so I know most of these people. They are friendly to outsiders like me, and they are helpful and supportive to people who grew up there. I felt welcome from the moment we walked in the front door and I enjoyed talking with them during the three hours we were there. After we left I found myself thinking how much we take the support of friends and family for granted.

Manhattan has grown in recent years, but it maintains its small town appeal. It stands in contrast to other Chicago Metropolitan areas; neighborhoods or suburbs where neighbors don’t know each other’s names. I know these people are friendly too, but they lack a sense of community. It’s not their fault. That’s just the way things have turned out. We’re all busy working at our jobs, taking care of our kids, and doing our best to maintain our property.

I think the difference is longevity and familiarity. Forty years ago everyone knew everyone in Manhattan. This is still a major factor in their sense of community. Joe knows when Bob, who lives six blocks away, buys a car because neighbors keep everyone up-to-date on community happenings.  And if something went wrong with the car, Joe might offer to help Bob repair it.

Visiting Manhattan makes me feel like something is missing in my own life. It reminds me of the South side of Chicago when I was a kid. In those days before moms went to work, every mom looked out for every kid in their community. You felt safe. And you behaved because you didn’t want to face someone else’s mom if she caught you doing something wrong. She might tell your parents.

Perhaps our cities and suburbs have grown too large. Perhaps it’s not possible to maintain a sense of community. I hope they (we) find a way. Community support is second only to family support in maintaining a smoothly functioning society.

Healing Through Understanding

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Not long ago I blogged about Caitlin Jenner and her difficult choices. Today I watched a rebroadcast of a Charlie Rose interview on PBS. It was originally broadcast June 18, 2015. Part of the Brain Series, it was titled Gender Identity.

Until fertilized, the human female egg has the potential to be male or female. When fertilized, it becomes either male or female, depending on the x and y chromosomes in the sperm. No one would claim that human choice had a role to play in this natural process. Nor would they state a moral choice was involved. However a diminishing number of people believe there is free human choice, and moral choice, when a person claims a sexual identity which does not match their physical identity. These beliefs are based on religious, perhaps even political ideas. Science is discovering another view.

The June 18th broadcast about Gender Identity points to studies, in mice, that suggest the brain, like the embryo, has two different ways of reacting: one male, the other female. Physically female mice have been observed acting out male roles and vice versa. The theory is a male brain path is activated by the high incidence of testosterone. This is how it occurs in human embryos.

After conception, human male embryos are bombarded with high levels of testosterone while in the womb. A smaller outpouring happens again just after birth. The theory is that this is what activates either the male or the female path in the brain. If it takes place in a female, or fails to occur in a male, it could result in male bodies acting according to female psychological needs or the reverse. This evidence may provide the answers to the gender identity issues in the news today.

One of the most interesting panelists, all of whom are professors at major universities, started life physically as a woman but has opted for masculinity. He believes it is important for all people to realize that these differences are not mental disorders, nor a simple choice.I recommend everyone check out this panel discussion. You may find it at www.pbs.org or at www.charlierose.com. Search by date, look for the Brain Series programs, or search on transgender. 

There are many forms of healing. A person may be healed through understanding. People who are LGBT have suffered because of society’s assumptions about physicality, morality and choice. It is time for our society to heal by clarifying and understanding, these misconceptions.