So we knew we had a conscious and an unconscious. Now brain scans and studies have demonstrated we have known really little of how they function. We believe we know, but we do not. There is a significant list of these misunderstandings:

  • Our unconscious processes the vast majority of data we receive without our conscious mind knowing it.
  • Our textbook understanding of reality is an illusion.
  • Our unconscious stores data it recognizes as important and discards the details.
  • Later our unconscious fills in the missing details by selecting data it views as probable, without our conscious knowledge.
  • Our unconscious operates in ways that tend to encourage stereotyping and in-group/out-group beliefs which are fictional and may create prejudice.
  • Our unconscious fosters the belief that we are ‘above average’ and capable of overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.

Is it any wonder we have disagreements about politics and religion, much less sports teams? Is it any wonder there are many religions and spiritual paths considering there are seven billion of us on Earth? Is it any wonder we disagree with our friends and family members about past events: what he said and what she said?

Perhaps God has a great sense of humor and that’s why our lives sometimes seem like a grocery list of contradictions. Of course the truth is that God made us this way for a very important reason: survival. And He also gave us enough intelligence to discover, as we recently have, our misunderstanding of how our minds work. Now it is up to us!

At the beginning of this series of blogs I talked about healing. That’s the main thrust of these blogs. We must understand who we are and how our minds function so we can forgive others for their conflicting beliefs, so we can forgive ourselves for judging them so harshly, so we can forgive them for judging us so harshly.

Above all, we must understand that we, as human beings, are all God’s children.