I want to clarify the title. This blog is not limited to modern Africans. It is about all humanity. My source is a 2014 magazine supplement published by Time Home Entertainment, Inc., NY, New York. The title of the supplement is How DNA Shapes Your Life.

In my last blog I mentioned my Irish and Swedish ancestors did not originate in Ireland and in Sweden. They migrated to those countries from elsewhere in Europe. Where did they come from before that? To answer that question, we have to add another question; what timeframe are we discussing?

DNA analysis and Anthropology provide the following answers. About 10,000 years ago my ancestors were located in Central Europe; 20,000 years ago they were probably in the Middle East; and 50,000 years ago they came from Africa. Africa is the origination point of all humanity. So if we all originated in the same place, how come we look different?

The physical differences we observe in the color of eyes, hair, skin, and other external physical features are accounted for by group interbreeding, natural selection, and random genetic mutations which helped us survive. However the differences we observe, though outwardly noticeable, result from differences in only 0.05% of our DNA. This means 99.95% of our DNA is the same for every human being who currently lives on earth.

Our observations, however, allow us to categorize people by differences. We enjoy this activity. We categorize everything to make it more understandable. Unfortunately we also create in-groups and out-groups as previously discussed. Thankfully we have science teaching us the truth about humanity. According to the science of DNA, we are overwhelmingly more alike than we are different.