As we have seen, our two brains function in certain ways that have helped humanity survive. Our instincts also promote survival; our needs for food, a place to live, safety, good health, sex and intimacy, community. These instincts are so basic as to be an integral part of ourselves. Without them Homo sapiens would not be here today.

However we are not like animals, moving automatically at the direction of these driving forces. We can to use our conscious brains to think and reason, to decide what we do want as opposed to what we don’t want. Using our consciousness we can make choices which will direct the course of our lives. We are, in this sense, CO-creators. The sum of our individual beliefs shape the society in which we live. If we don’t like our existing world it is up to us to think about it and decide what we want to change. We will succeed if enough people believe along with us.

I end today’s blog with a quote from the book Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior, by Leonard Mlodinow, page 218.

“We choose the facts that we want to believe. We also choose our friends, lovers, and spouses, not just because of the way we perceive them, but because of the way they perceive us. Unlike phenomena in physics, in life, events can often obey one theory or another, and what actually happens can depend largely upon which theory we choose to believe. It is a gift of the human mind to be extraordinarily open to accepting the theory of ourselves that pushes us in the direction of survival, and even happiness.”