Yesterday I went for a walk around 11:00 AM. My outside thermometer indicated it was already 68 degrees. I took my usual route and headed toward Memorial Park. Just before I got to the park I heard geese flying above me. I looked and looked but couldn’t see them. I kept walking. Hearing them again I looked up to see a flock of maybe 20 geese in ‘v’ formation high above me. I watched as they moved northwest and realized they were migrating to Canada. Geese always fly northwest when migrating near Chicago. They are avoiding Lake Michigan.

When I got to the park I walked a short distance and heard a second flock overhead. They too were flying northwest, high in the sky above me. I found a bench overlooking the football field and sat down. For the next ten to fifteen minutes I watched as five more flocks flew overhead following the first two. The largest flock must have had 40 to 50 geese. I decided to read Animal Speak when I got home to see what they can mean as omens.

They can represent a call to a quest or travels to legendary places. Their ‘v’ formation is symbolic. In Hebrew ‘v’ is pronounced “vav” meaning nail. The ‘v’ formation can therefore represent a message about nailing or fixing ourselves to a new path. Geese have many symbolic meanings.

The one that caught my attention is that they have to do with communications, especially written communications since their quills were used for writing. This has a special meaning for me. This past Monday I gave final approval to publish my next book, My Journeys To The Spirit World. I’m hoping the geese represent success in finding the right audience for this spiritual autobiography. It will be published in March, exclusively through Amazon dot com, in print and eBook formats. I’ll let you know when it‘s available.