I believe the United States should not allow citizens to buy automatic weapons which are primarily designed to kill human beings. However I believe the problem goes deeper than gun control.

We see ourselves as separate beings. Our beliefs are the only correct beliefs. I’m right. Everyone else is wrong. This is what causes Republicans and Democrats to refuse to cooperate. It causes the members of one church to despise the members of other churches. It causes distrust between different racial groups and groups with different sexual preferences. It leads to such extremes it even causes fans of one soccer team to injure the fans of an opposing soccer team. How ridiculous.

The problem is magnified by television stations, and reporters, who try to get more viewers for higher ratings so they can make more money on advertising. Everything is Breaking News. They spend hours regurgitating the few details they know, pretending the information has just been released. They are professional agitators.

We must stop focusing on our differences and refocus on our similarities. According to a PBS program about human origins, the physical differences in all humans alive on the planet today are caused by 3% of our DNA. Yet our focus on the 3% causes an inordinately large portion of our problems.

We must focus on similarities. We are God’s children. We are brothers and sisters.  Focus on differences attracts hate. We should attract love.