Hawaiians have a method they use to eliminate bad feelings among people, especially friends and family. They call it Ho’oponopono. Translated it means ‘to make right and correct.’ This method consists of four statements which can be used to release bad feelings about any problem. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

At first glance you might shy away from this approach because your feelings are so negative. But these statements are said to yourself, not to the other person. Here’s how negative feelings are approached. When you think of a negative situation or person, who feels the negativity? You do. So this is the place to begin the healing process, right inside yourself.

Try this. Think of a mildly negative person or situation. Pay attention to your feelings. These feelings cause you stress, which in turn may cause physical, mental or emotional problems over time. You don’t want to do this to yourself. How do you stop it?

First, say to yourself, “I’m sorry.” Your intention here is to say you are sorry to yourself for carrying these negative feelings with you and repeating them every time you think about the situation or person associated with it.

Next, ask yourself for forgiveness for nurturing this negativity. Say, “Please forgive me.” This acknowledges you meant no harm to yourself. You just got into a bad habit.

Recognizing your own thoughts caused you to feel bad, think or say this line to yourself, “I love you.” Really mean it. Say it with the same fervor you feel when you say it to your significant other.

The last line is simply, “Thank you.” It is important for you to associate an action with this phrase. Picture your subconscious removing the negative thoughts and feelings and erasing them. In the future, you will remember that an event or person caused you negative feelings, you just won’t replay them. “Thank you” is saying thanks to your inner self for removing the problem.

I have used this myself many times, for situations and for people. Every time I do it I feel better immediately. When I recall the issue or person later I find that the negativity is gone. While the memory may exist, it won’t be an emotional issue any more. Try this yourself and let me know how it goes.

Great for healing ourselves. How do we heal others? See tomorrow’s blog.