Heal ourself, heal others.

Hawaiian kahunas believe we are interconnected at the level of soul or energy. Scientists refer to a similar concept they call string theory. Assuming interconnection is a fact, changing our self automatically causes change in everyone we know. So when you let negative feelings go you are improving your connection to the other person or people. This change within will also be reflected in how you react to that person. They will see this change, hopefully sooner than later, and may change their reaction to you. This could become a reconciliation.

Hawaiian kahunas also believe our minds, bodies and emotions are interconnected and that healing should focus on all three areas. If you wish to pray for someone to heal them mentally, emotionally and physically, you must follow a formula with the greatest potential for success. The steps are:

  1. Get permission from the person you wish to heal.
  2. Perform a Ho’oponopono for yourself, insuring nothing negative stands in your way.
  3. Form an intention to completely heal yourself and the other person at the same time. The healing will be for all physical, emotional and mental aspects.
  4. Pray to God, and spirits (angels, saints, healing spirits, etc.) to assist with the healing. All healing will be done according to God’s will. We will not focus on specific results. God knows what caused the illness, what needs to be healed, and when it needs to be healed. Our motto is “God’s will be done.”
  5. Breathe in slowly thinking ‘Aloha’ (Love), bringing God’s healing energy into your body. Breathe out slowly thinking ‘Mahalo’ (Thank You). As you do this the energy will flow into you and the person you are healing, even if they are remotely located. Do this breathing exercise eight times.
  6. Thank God and all healing spirits for their help.
  7. Let go and let God. Release your wishes and thoughts about healing so your request flows unencumbered to God. Let God take charge. The Hawaiian kahunas say, “Amama Ua Noa”, which means “our prayers have flown to God.”
  8. For healing which requires more time, I recommend healing every other day.

Sometimes you will see quick healing results. Or it may take time. In some cases God may not want healing to take place. I recommend using Aloha and Mahalo because this healing method has been used by Hawaiian kahunas for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Words have power.

If you have questions, or are interested in learning more about these techniques, or  wish to organize a healing circle, please contact me through my blog site www.spiritwalkingjoournal.com , or at pauljmcallister@sbcglobal.net.

Amama Ua Noa