I’m not referring to the meteorological Spring which the TV weather people say arrives Wednesday. No, none of that TV hype. I’m talking real Spring, signs of Nature.

My experience indicates the Cardinal is the first to announce its arrival and usually does so two weeks early. Back on February 14 Mr. Cardinal visited a large bush outside my living room window. He gave enough chirps that I started telling friends Spring was on the way.

On February 20 I parked my car in the garage and stepped out into the sunshine when I heard geese, high above me. I looked up. I saw four or five groups of geese circling above; each group at a different height, wheeling in slow, clockwise circles. More geese arrived from the South. All groups broke their circles and headed Northwest in ‘V’ formations. I knew from past study this is their migration path because they fly around Lake Michigan on their way to Canada. This was the second sign.

Finally, on February 25, I was out in Lockport for a visit. I heard a chirp I recognized but had not heard in a while. Yep! It was a robin. He was hopping on the lawn and flew up to the low branches of a nearby bush. He paused and looked at me. That’s when I confirmed its orange breast.

I enjoy getting this information firsthand from Nature instead of TV. Weather reporters throw too many numbers at us and report on the worst weather event they can find, even if it’s halfway around the world. Nature Is more fun than TV.

Happy Spring!