Meditation is mental exercise. Choose a friendly, peaceful location. Sit in a comfortable position. Relax by breathing in and out several times. As with physical exercise, don’t expect immediate results. We change ourselves slowly over time, by taking baby steps. Make it a habit.

After relaxing, start following your breathing. Don’t become obsessed. Treat it like a game or practicing a musical instrument. Expect mistakes, that’s what practice is all about. When you find you’ve gone off on some problem or daydream, recognize it and say to yourself the word “thinking”. Just “thinking”, no self criticism. Saying “thinking” will interrupt the daydream or problem solving. Smile, be happy, and return to following your breaths.

Love your mind and your self. Pat yourself on the back. With practice there will be times when you can focus on your breath for a longer time. Eventually you’ll notice a subtle difference. Your reaction time be longer between an event and your response. In this longer time you will have the opportunity to decide how you want to react. You will no longer be on autopilot. You will live your life with intention.

The ultimate goal in meditation is to help us discover who we are. We will realize our bodies and our thoughts are passing, temporary. We will begin to see our true self, a soul which is peaceful and mindful of the present moment; a soul which is eternal, beyond all worldly change.

May the peace, love and harmony you find in meditation fill your life with such abundance that it overflows from your life into the lives of your friends and family.