There’s a special edition of Time in the grocery stores titled The Science of Happiness. On page 19 in the article about Nine Ways to Feel More Joy, item #3 is titled “Forget Self Improvement.”

I quote:

“Basking in what’s already great about yourself is a more effective route to joy than trying to fix what is not.”

“Identify your strong suits with the free Values In Action Survey of Character Strengths ( It takes 15 minutes to fill out and then provides a ranking of your 24 strongest qualities. Think about how you might use your top five strengths in your relationship, at the office, and in your free time.”

“People who consistently apply ‘signature strengths’ experience less depression and more happiness. It’s an easy way to refocus your efforts to better set you up for success.”

I printed out the free report and also spent $50.00 on two others that went into more details about each of the 24 qualities and how to use them. I am working my way through them; they are interesting. I know the idea of focusing on your strengths is valid because I had professional personality analysis 20 years ago and our teacher proclaimed the same advice. So check it out for what it’s worth. I hope you benefit from the experience.