In senior year of high school I took an aptitude test. It revealed my top two choices for success were: Salesman or Forest Ranger. In my yearbook senior year I noted I wanted to be an artist. I felt my creative streak. I was in Glee Club all four years and loved it. One of my hobbies was sketching in pencil and painting with oil paints. I enjoyed writing. 

My father loved me so much he wanted me to be successful like the college grads he saw at Illinois Bell Telephone Company. They fast-tracked their way to become the bosses of people who had 20 or 30 years experience, like my father. Dad and his friends referred to a four year degree as a “sheep skin.”

I attended college 3 years, dropped out, joined the army, and got married. Our daughter was born a few months before my discharge. Our son was born 2 years later. My father, retired, still had friends at IBT. One got me an interview. IBT was looking for people who had at least some college for their newly created marketing department. I interviewed, got the job, and spent 4 of my first 5 months learning telecommunications from one of the top companies in the field. There were no college courses in telecom at the time. 

Unwittingly, I became an example of an Outlier, as in Malcolm Gladwell’s book of the same name. I was in the right place, at the right time, in an industry about to expand, learning from experts. By the time I got downsized 30 years later (2001), I was working for a different telecom company earning a high five figure annual salary with a five figure target bonus. I had college grads reporting to me. I was successful and lucky.

Here’s the main point of this blog. In 2004 I started following my instincts and focused on three subjects that fascinated me: Writing, Numerology, and Tarot cards. I discovered personal knowledge, your name and birthday, can help you find your life’s purpose. 

Here’s the process. I was born May 5, 1944. Numerically, it is 5/5/1944. Add the month and day; the answer is 10. Add 10 to 1944, you get 19 54. Add those digits together, 1+9+5+4 and the sum is 19. Keep adding until you get a single digit. So 1+9 = 10, and 1+0 = 1, my Personality number.

Tarot Constellations by Mary K. Greer describes some attributes associated with my birthday May 5, 1944. My birthday is represented by the Magician card in the Major Arcana: “As a card relating to Mercury, it indicates you are a communicator and a skilled craftsman.” and “To develop your highest abilities, you need to realize that you can be a channel for a higher consciousness.”

I used a chart to assign values to the letters in my name, Paul James McAllister. I added them together and kept reducing till I got one digit: 3, my Destiny number. Numerology by Juno Jordan describes some of the characteristics associated with Destiny Number (3):“Many people have lost the joy of living and it is your duty and mission in life to arouse their imagination and spirit, until their faith in people and friendship has been rekindled and they can laugh again.”

I’m sure you noticed my blog has a domain name of . This is not an ego-based form of imagined self-importance. This is my way of challenging myself to become, like the Magician, a channel for a higher consciousness. I want to help and inspire others. It’s completely up to me. No one can do it for me. 

Next blog: Let’s read unbiased Tarot and Numerology descriptions of well-known candidates from the 2016 Presidential election.