I just made this dreamcatcher this weekend. It’s small, about four inches in diameter and I made it from a kit I got at Hobby Lobby. For  a first attempt, I think it turned out well.

The idea of a dreamcatcher is that it filters out bad or negative dreams and only allows good dreams to enter your thoughts at night. This is the first time I tried using one and I modified the concept by praying that the dreamcatcher would be highly selective. I wanted this one to be focused on one specific issue and to only let good dreams about that issue pass through. I didn’t know if this would work, but gave it a try. Last night was the first time I hung it in my bedroom.

I woke up around three AM and four AM and didn’t remember any dreams. Then I fell asleep again and had a dream after five AM. I won’t go into the details of the dream because I don’t want to divulge the purpose of the dreamcatcher, but it did work. OK, I’ll give you a hint; the feathers are turkey feathers and the turkey is a symbol of abundance. In the dream I was moving along past and through various difficulties for a long, long time. I never lost my determination to succeed. I kept moving forward. Just before the dream ended I could see the way ahead of me was clearing up. I knew I would accomplish my goal as long as I kept moving forward. With this knowledge, I moved confidently ahead.

I plan on keeping the dream catcher for the foreseeable future. I’m hoping that, over time, it will help me focus on specific things I can do to make progress. And since this seems to be working well, I plan on making a dreamcatcher for a friend who is ill. The new dreamcatcher will be focused on bringing my friend healing dreams to cure my friend’s medical problem. I’ll let you know how that goes and I’ll keep you informed about my future dreams. Have a great week!

Darkness: Our Unconscious

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Carl Jung believed that our unconscious was the place where individual dreams and memories were stored. He also described the collective unconscious as residing there in the form of dreams and archetypes. These thoughts can be pleasant or unpleasant. Most of us would rather avoid this area as it seems a little scary, and often too personal.

If you find your self having recurring thoughts or dreams, or acting and speaking in ways that are not your normal, it may be that the source of these activities is the unconscious. They may leave you drained of energy or feeling depressed. The best way to handle these ideas is to ask yourself tough questions. What do they mean? Are they directed toward someone specifically? Who? How do I feel about that person? Don’t accept superficial answers. Look for the truth.

A good way to deal with dreams is to pray before you go to sleep at night asking for understanding about the dreams. Then keep a pen and notebook nearby. When you have the dream, get up and write it down, including as many details as you can. Then review it the following day and see what insights you receive. You might even consider keeping a dream journal for a while. I did that for a couple of years and found it helped me understand what my mind was working on when I thought it was asleep.

When you keep a journal, or ask yourself questions, you bring those ideas out from the darkness and into the light. It will help you understand yourself more fully and may help you resolve problems and smooth out your emotions.

Wednesday’s blog will be about how to perform a simple ritual to remove thoughts and beliefs from your psyche that are especially difficult to eliminate.


A Dream

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Two nights ago I had a dream that I was skating on ice at nighttime. I was warmly dressed. I was trying to escape, but didn’t know what I was escaping from. The skating seemed to go on forever. It was exhausting. When I awoke, I felt like my heart should have been beating fast, but it was normal. I’ve thought about the dream for a couple of days but couldn’t decide what its meaning was.

Today at noontime I decided to consult my Mana Cards rather than the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot. Lately I have felt a strong connection with the Mana Cards. According to Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom, by Catherine Kalama Becker, Ph.D. and Doya Nardin, Mana is the spiritual power that flows through the universe. In the Introduction, page 1, they state “The cards help you explore your spiritual path or relationships, clarify goals, and manifest dreams.” I decided to use the Kukui Draw spread; only one card is drawn. The Kukui is a tree nut that symbolizes enlightenment.

Before I perform a spread, I always say a prayer asking God for assistance, for my spiritual benefit, and for the good of all concerned. Then I shuffle the cards together three times, cut the deck into four piles and reassemble it. In this case I only picked the top card of the reformed pile. The card was #32, Haumea, referring to the concept of sustenance. Haumea is the Hawaiian version of Mother Earth; the pregnant Mother of Creation.

Since I’m still new to the Mana cards, I referred to the book for the proper meaning. The book referred to needing a source of support. One of the words it used was enduranceremember my dream, skating on and on … exhausting. The book went on to explain that I need to re-connect with Mother Earth to claim my inheritance; my needs would be provided for. Mother Earth will help me find a way to restore my connection to Earth’s abundance.

So now it’s up to me to pay attention to my feelings and any natural signs. In the meantime, I will meditate on my connection with Mother Earth. Let’s all be patient but confident that I will get an answer. I’ll let you know what happens. Amama Ua Noa!

Dream: A Black Cobra Snake

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Monday night I dreamed I was outside in nice weather with other people. Suddenly a woman screamed and the crowd of people started moving quickly. I looked on the ground and saw a black cobra coming through the grass. It was three or four feet long and had spread its hood. I was frightened. I don’t mind snakes; I’ve even held them a few times in the past. But this time I was nervous. The snake came right up to my feet and I reached down quickly and picked it up. It seemed to become smaller once I grabbed it. I didn’t hurt it and it did not bite me, but wiggled in the grasp of my hands. I awoke from my dream wondering what that was all about.

I forgot about the dream until last night and made a mental note to read Animal Speak by Ted Andrews to see what meaning it might have. This morning I checked it out. Andrews wrote that since snakes adapt so well to their environments, it could be an indication that the person who has this for a totem is also very adaptable. While adaptability is good, an adaptable person needs to be conscious and cautious of the groups with whom he or she associate. They must choose their friends wisely.

Andrews also wrote that the snake has been considered a God symbol as well as a symbol of evil, depending on the culture. Because of the fact that it sheds its skin, it is also a symbol of death and resurrection; the same capability is also seen as being able to move between the realms of the living and the dead. He said snakes are also symbols of change and healing.

On page 350 Andrews states, “Some people will acquire reptile totems as they grow older or go through specific changes in their life. Such changes can be very dramatic – a kind of death/rebirth process – or they may gentle assertions of new opportunities. When a reptile comes into your life, look for opportunities to assert yourself and develop self-reliance on some new level. The unfoldment of self-sufficiency will begin to occur.”

I have printed out a picture of a black cobra and put it in my computer room. I’ll let you know what, if anything, happens.

Dreams: Soul Retrievals


Tuesday, July 22, 2012 was the last day of the Soul Retrieval seminar. We finished with journeying and some art work for each other. Then we left Ronora and returned to our homes. A week or so later I emailed Lauren asking if anyone ever did soul retrievals for themselves. She said she wasn’t sure, but that it might be possible. I can’t remember what prompted the question; perhaps I felt a need to get more help for myself.

September 10, 2012. At 1:00 AM I awoke after having the following dream.

Dream: I went to an older house. It was two stories tall, white with white pillars by the front door. It was on a nicely cared for property with bushes and trees. It was nighttime. I felt scared. Chills ran up and down my spine. As I looked at the house I remembered I had been there before, searching upstairs and on the main level but not finding what I was looking for. I had been afraid to go into the basement.  As I entered, I turned on the lights. I searched the main level but found nothing. Then I searched upstairs through all the rooms but did not find anything this time either.

I knew I had to search downstairs. I was afraid. I went into the basement and turned on a light by the foot of the stairs. Then I looked into the shadows and saw someone, a man in his thirties. I recognized him … it was me! I asked him “Didn’t we pray together in hopes that I’d find you?” He answered ‘yes’ and smiled. I threw open my arms and said “Give me a hug!” He did and we immediately merged into one. My guess is that he departed when my father died in 1978; my father’s passing was quite a shock to me. I had talked to him only two days before he died and he seemed fine.

Together, my soul part and I looked in another corner of the basement. There in the shadows was an older version of me, in my mid-fifties. I said, “Come! Join us!” He smiled and came forward. All three of us gave each other hugs and the three merged into one person. I believe this was a part of me that left when my wife, Marilyn, died in 1998. After her death I felt like a large part of me was gone forever.

I woke up. I was cold! I got up and put a blanket on top of the sheet and crawled back into bed. I still felt cold and I sensed that my two soul parts were cold too and were nervous about being reunited with me. I got up out of bed and did two banishing rituals I had learned. One was for protection in the mundane world. It calls upon the four archangels associated with the four directions: Raphael – East; Michael – South; Gabriel – West; and Auriel – North. The second ritual was for protection in the world of spirit. The banishings seemed to help and I started warming up. I went to the kitchen where I wrote down what happened. I didn’t want to forget this ‘dream’. As I wrote, I could feel the other parts within me, but knew they would be safely reintegrated within me in a short period of time. As I finished writing I felt warm and comfortable. I went back to bed and slept well until morning.

A Dream About Mankind – Changes

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January 17th, 2012

I woke up at 3:00 AM and recalled this dream. Mankind is being processed through a change which is similar to the hour-glass shape, pictured horizontally. The past is to the left; the future to the right. The center is a vortex that is a compression of the Time/Space continuum. All creation is moving through this.

As we approach the middle of the left side, everything seems to become congested. When we move through the vortex everything speeds up. Ultimately we go through what seems like a radically fast change that propels us into our future – into a new time unlike what we have been experiencing.

Normally mankind progresses slowly because of our physical and mental limitations. We form habits and beliefs which actually slow down our evolution because the habits and beliefs become hardwired into our brain. I suspect this has a good purpose and a positive effect on our evolution; but it is also why a major conceptual change requires a radical physical change. Only a radical physical change will force us to change our beliefs and habits.

Everything is thought. The Universe is a construct of the Great Mind. We can help co-create but we are also propelled along by the Great Mind because we are part and parcel of creation. We are too slow to make radical changes on our own. But, having been forced through radical change by our Destiny, we will become acclimated to it because we will realize it is mandated.

Good? Bad? This is beyond such mundane concepts. The coming change will be so radical in concept that we truly cannot imagine what it will be like. The vortex is, or has, a physical component. But it also has a spiritual side, just like everything in creation.

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