Wake up and come back to Hawaii !

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On April 15th, at 2:00 AM I was awakened from a sound sleep by a female Hawaiian spirit. She told me to get up and come back to Hawaii. I knew she meant in spirit, not physically. It was cold that April morning so I got up and put on my sweats and some slippers. I went into the front room, sat on my couch, closed my eyes and pictured myself back on the big island.

I crossed my legs and sat on the beach near where I saw the second Ko’a. It was past sunset. The darkening western skyline contained a thin line of  pink and blue clouds. Out in the ocean, not far from shore, I saw an enormous egg-shaped, monolith. I couldn’t tell how close it was but it gave me the impression of great height and width.

I heard a sound. Something heavy was pounding the wet sand near the water’s edge. I looked to the left of the monolith. A young, muscular Hawaiian man, in traditional grass skirt, lei and head band was walking my way. He looked seven feet tall and was carrying a boulder in his arms. As he walked toward me his feet moved like those of a Sumo wrestler, slapping the sand as he stepped forward. I knew his intention was to approach me and put the boulder in my lap. If he did, I would not be able to move.

I looked to the right of the monolith. There was a beautiful, young Hawaiian woman, also in traditional dress. She had long back hair and black eyes. She smiled and held out her hands to me, inviting me to get up and come to her. In an instant I understood that I was being given a choice. If I stayed where I was, the Hawaiian man would put the boulder in my lap and I would be stuck on the path I was currently traveling. If I stood up and went to the Hawaiian woman I would be choosing a new path.

Without hesitation, I stood up and went to the Hawaiian woman and held her hands in mine. She looked into my eyes and said, “You will be given the gift of healing.” I returned to ordinary consciousness. An hour had gone by. It was now 3:00 AM.

I got up from the couch, found a notebook and pen, and began what has turned out to be my Spirit Walking Journal. After writing down my experience, I made a mental note to look for books on Hawaiian spirituality when I got up in the morning. I didn’t understand what path I had chosen and I wanted to discover it quickly.

Next blog: Defining my new path.

Vision and Apparition


A few days after visiting Lapakahi State Park I was in the Kona-Kailua area with my friends. We visited another state park which included a large stretch of beach along the ocean. While they went swimming in a partially enclosed cove, I explored a path that led from the beach into a forested, shady area. The path ran parallel to the beach and eventually opened onto a grassy area with few trees. It was hot. The path was dried and cracked by the sun’s hot rays. I retraced my steps going back into the shade.

Just before I reached the beach area, I saw another Ko’a. There was no sign saying it was a Ko’a but I recognized what it was. It was sand colored, like the path I had traveled. It stood about three feet high. But this one was more rectangular than the other one, and it was hidden among the tall grasses in the area.

I stepped up to it and put my hand on top and closed my eyes. I had a vision. In this vision I was standing in the same spot by the Ko’a on the big island, but there were no trees, no shrubs and no grasses around. There was nothing but sand. I could see all the way to the ocean. My thought was that this was from the past, before vegetation grew there. Who knows. Maybe it was from the future.

Before I removed my hand the picture changed. Now the previous scene was gone. In its place was a white, translucent … something. I noticed the shape was changing. It morphed into a human shape. It became the shape of a Hawaiian woman. I kept watching. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked directly into mine. I stared back. Then she gave me a flirtatious smile and disappeared. I opened my eyes.

As with the first experience, I kept this to myself. Two days after the second experience we packed our bags and headed to Kona airport. I felt sad and empty inside. I wished I had more time to explore Hawaii. I wanted to know more about what I had experienced.

I thought it was the end of these experiences. It was only the beginning.

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Hawaiian vacation

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A Hawaiian Ko’a; home of the god of fishing, Lapakahi State Historical Park.


From March 26th to April 2nd, 2011 I visited friends on the big island of Hawaii. Early on we visited Lapakahi State Historical Park on the north end of the island. Inside the park are the remains of a Hawaiian fishing village that was deserted 600 years ago. Two paths take visitors through the old village. We chose the half-mile loop that took us along the shoreline of Koai’e Cove. The wind blew strongly out to sea clipping off the tops of the enormous waves below us that were crashing toward the shore and sending veils of spray into the air. As we passed a structure that once housed a large canoe, we came upon a Ko’a, an upright stone. There are many of these throughout Hawaii. Many Hawaiians believe these Ko’a are the homes of Hawaiian gods and goddesses.

A friend read from a brochure that the villagers believed this Ko’a was the home of the god of fishing. When they returned from the ocean with their catch, they left part of it at the base of the Ko’a as thanks to the fishing god. They also prayed that the god would bless their future fishing trips. My friends walked on down the trail but I remained by the Ko’a. I decided to see if the god of fishing was still there.

Walking up to the stone, which stood about three feet high, I placed my hand on top of it and closed my eyes. Immediately I understood that the god of fishing was no longer there. Along with that understanding was the message “When the people leave, the gods leave”. Surprised, I opened my eyes. I had never had an experience like that. It seemed real, something that had not come from my imagination. I decided not to mention it to my friends but to think about it a while and see if I had any other experiences. I wouldn’t have long to wait.

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