Healing With Spiritual Light – Emotions

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Specifically I’m referring to my emotions. For those of you into astrology I will just say that my ascendant sign is Cancer, the Cardinal water sign. As a male of the species I feel I have been burdened with this … ahem … particular blessing. I say burdened because I’m over six feet tall, about 220 pounds and usually the first one to shed tears. Jokingly I have said I even cry tears of happiness at the end of the cartoon when the Road Runner escapes from Wiley E. Coyote. It’s not as much of an exaggeration as you might think.

This topic, about me, came up toward the end of the “Healing …” seminar. I got emotionally involved in some issue and started wiping my eyes on my sleeves and apologizing. Lauren helpfully suggested that I might be able to get assistance from my spirit guides on the issue. You should have heard the women laugh at me when I asked if my helpful spirits would actually help me stop crying.  “No, no, no,” Lauren replied emphatically, “the idea is that they would help you reduce your guilty feelings about crying in public.”

“Oh ..” I said, the light dawning. I admit I felt like an idiot.

I did take her advice … about six weeks later. I was in the process of typing my notes into my journal when I realized I hadn’t followed up on her worthwhile idea. So on May 31st, 2012, I journeyed in my living room, seated on my couch, listening to one of the drumming tracks.

Journey: My intention was to learn how to express my emotions in public without feeling awkward or ashamed. I went to the Lower World – none of my power animals were interested. The pretty much ignored me. My younger male teacher showed up and offered to help. We merged and went to the Upper World and met with my woman teacher. She is a lovely lady. I think she’s either American Indian or Hispanic, maybe both. She gave me hugs and kisses and I kissed and hugged her back. I asked her to tell me from her perspective what she thought about the issue. She smiled at me (she must have heard my stupid question) and told me the following:

A.) There’s no need for me to feel embarrassed or think that I’m displaying weakness; those are just superficial teachings that men tell each other in order to seem ‘macho’. Men who don’t express their feelings are the ones who have problems. They are the ones who don’t understand and are afraid of how they appear.

B.) Just be myself; don’t be embarrassed or ashamed and don’t pretend to be; accept myself for who I am. If someone doesn’t like who I am, that is their problem.

C.) Eliminate the ego-role that is associated with these feelings. Quit falling into this trap and quit apologizing for it.

I thanked her for her advice and I thanked my male teacher for traveling with me. The drumming track ended and I returned to my living room. In retrospect I think her advice has helped me. Sometimes I still do show my emotions publicly but I don’t make any apologies for it and I’m feeling better about myself when it happens. Thanks also to Lauren for the suggestion.

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Healing With Spiritual Light: Journey to our descendants

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Before the journey, Lauren explained that the descendants we will visit are not necessarily our genetic descendants. They may be our descendants in the sense of carrying on something we have begun. She said we should visit our descendants at a time after they have figured out how to heal properly and live in harmony.

Journey: The drumming started and I slipped into the theta state by following the drum rhythms. I didn’t go to a specific world that I recognized. Suddenly I saw a bare-chested, dark skinned man who held out his hand and led me to an open area surrounded by trees and greenery. Native people sat in a semi circle in front of a small altar. Behind the altar was a large shrine or grotto made of stone. In the center of the grotto was a figure that reminded me of Isis, with wings outstretched. As I approached the group, the people smiled at me and nodded. They let me sit in the center of the semi circle, a place of honor. After I was seated, a small group of natives led an older woman to the stone altar and had her lay down.

At this point I realized that the Isis figure was a real, beautiful, young woman whose arms were outstretched within the wings. A place had been carved into the rock where she could sit and stretch out her arms, representing the goddess figure. She stood up and went to the altar. She had long, black hair, black eyes, and wore a beautiful gown and a headdress with a veil. She stood at the foot of the altar and raised her arms upward. She looked up to heaven and sang a song to bring the light of healing down to the older woman. Then she toned, or sang a monotone note, for a long time. After receiving the light she shared it with the woman. I didn’t see this, I just knew it. After a short time, the older woman got up, smiled at everyone and left.

I went up to the altar. The young woman raised her arms. I thought she would hug me, but she held my hands and we danced up by the altar. I heard the drum beat signaling it was time to return from the journey and so I returned. The people in the seminar shared their experiences with each other.

I don’t clearly understand my connection with the people I saw on this journey, but I recognize that a strong connection is there. As I thought about it later, I remembered a past life regression I had the previous year. In that lifetime, 762 (BCE? or AD?) I lived a life as a native on the American continent. Perhaps I would come back to a similar group of people in the future.

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Healing With Spiritual Light: What our power animals see

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I know the idea of power animals is unusual and hard for some people to understand. To quote from Awakening to the Spirit World (page 33), “According to the shaman, the power animal is not the spiritual essence of one animal but rather the essence of the group oversoul of the whole species.” So we aren’t dealing with one animal, but the spirit of all of that particular animal; not one eagle, but all eagles. And once in relationship with a human, the power animal helps by serving as a teacher with certain qualities or abilities.

The next journey we took in the seminar involved power animals. We were to ask our power animal or animals, what they see when viewing a person who needs healing. As the drumming began, I went to the cave entrance for the Lower World. The red-tailed hawk was there flapping his wings, letting me know he would help me on this journey. I asked the hawk to tell me what he viewed when he saw the problems of past clients I knew. (I use the word ‘he’ but it could be a ‘she’; I’m not male-chauvinistic)

The first was a woman. I won’t describe her problems because they might identify her to others. The hawk’s vision was that her heart was swollen but that it was also tied tightly with string or twine, causing more problems for her heart. A lady who had emotional and psychological problems had dark strings in her brain. A young man with MS had nerve centers that looked like thorny sticker balls, like the kind you see on some plants. A man with knee problems had black blockages in his knees that indicated light energy was not able to flow through them.

After the journey ended I asked Lauren what to do about healing people who wouldn’t make changes that would improve their health. She responded that all we could do was heal them when they came to us. Not making improvements in their lives might be tied to a cycle they have to go through in their own learning process. We must respect the divine within them and their free will to make whatever choices they wanted. All we can do is keep healing them.

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Healing With Spiritual Light: Being Receptive

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People who are receiving healing, clients, must be in a receptive frame of mind. One of our journeys during the Healing With … seminar concerned this issue. On the journey we asked our spirits to provide us with ideas, in the form of metaphors, we could use to get our clients properly focused, I went on the journey with my eagle power animal. As we flew off into space I saw different sights; the void as a source of potential healing; a flower opening its petals to receive the sun’s light; a lake receiving rain from the clouds; and a river bed which carries rain water from other streams into the ocean, the repository and source of water.

I decided to use the flower metaphor, partly because I love flowers. And I chose the day lily as the main example. I’ve started using it with healing I do during soul retrievals (more details on that in the future). This is what I read to my clients prior to performing healing rituals:

“Focus on becoming receptive. Picture the day lilly. It opens its petals at dawn to welcome the morning rays of the sun. The sun’s rays help the flower maintain its life cycle in harmony with all of nature. For some species of day lilly the sun’s rays enhance the color of the flower, fulfilling it so that it can achieve its highest potential. Become receptive like the day lilly.”

“Accept the healing that is coming to you. It will help you fulfill your predestined potential and help to perfect God’s plan for the universe. Welcome it as a gift that will help you create more balance and harmony in your life. Welcome the healing as the day lilly welcomes the warming rays of the sun.”

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Healing With Spiritual Light: Past experiences with Energy Healing

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Several years ago I learned healing techniques based on working with the chakras. The chakras are viewed as energy centers associated with specific parts of the body: the crown of the head, the spot between the eyes; the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the navel and the end of the spine/area of sex glands. Our goal was not to replace proper medical treatment but to supplement it. We regularly recommended that our clients get proper medical treatment in addition to the healing we were attempting.

I was pleasantly surprised during the first energy healing class when I could actually detect energy flowing from some of the chakras of my fellow students. During the workshop we performed healing on each other. Some people had true healing experiences, where pain or swelling actually disappeared. This impressed me to the point where I joined a healing group that met on Monday evenings near Joliet, Illinois.  We did not charge for our healing services.

Usually five or six of us would work on people who would show up requesting healing. Most requests were for physical healing; some were for emotional or psychological healing.  Some healing experiences were amazing. Others were long and drawn out over time.Yet others were not as effective as we hoped they would be. One of our young friends became ill but died in spite of the combined efforts his medical doctors and the healers in our group. I still feel sad because we were not able to help him.

However, our young friend was not the only one we could not heal. This was cause for discussion among us. We eventually realized that there were multiple reasons why some people were not healed. First and foremost was the fact that our lives are in God’s hands. Man proposes, God disposes ( heals). Beyond that we found that some people were suffering from problems associated with behavioral choices. To paraphrase the issue: “How can you cure someone’s lung problems if they won’t quit smoking?”

For example, one lady refused to take our suggestions to make dietary changes in her life, even though we had been healing her regularly and knew her doctors had suggested the same changes. Eventually she quit coming to the healing sessions. I don’t know what happened to her because we lost contact. The sad truth is that some people don’t know how to change the bad habits that are making them unhealthy.

We worked together as a group for over two years. Eventually life intervened and we were unable to continue our Monday night meetings, even though we found the work personally fulfilling. We’ve kept in touch and periodically get together to do healing work, but not as often. Perhaps in the future …

Healing With Spiritual Light – Transfiguration

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When we hear about transfiguration we often think of Jesus and how His transfiguration was so profound that the apostles could not even look at Him because He appeared to be pure, white light. While we are not capable of transfiguring to this extent, we must do the best we can in order to bring ourselves as close to the divine as possible and become better conduits for the light of healing. We are not doing the healing. We are only using our intentions in order to help focus the light on the person who needs the healing.

According to Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions, mankind experienced unity and harmony with everything when we were in the state represented by the Garden of Eden. This unity meant we experienced no pain, no loss, no sickness because we were at one with God. After the Fall, we experienced duality as our reality. We still believe we are separate beings, separate from each other, the world, and God. As a result we experienced illness  and the lack of harmony that separateness creates. We are still one with God, but we don’t normally don’t understand this. For this reason we need a method of bringing ourselves back into that condition of unity. That’s what learning transfiguration is all about.

While the technique can be learned in class, it is important to practice transfiguration regularly in order to become proficient. Lauren led us through an exercise where she drummed while we asked our helpful spirits for help in bringing the divine light into our bodies so that we could embody it. How can we embody the divine light and still be human? We allow ourselves to let the divine light enter our bodies as a way of entering into the world and into the person we are healing. We do not become God, we simply share in the overflow of God’s light and love. We do not destroy our egos, we temporarily set them aside.

The experience gave me a different, good feeling. It is hard to describe. I can see that this is like other learning experiences we have. Studying or learning something once is not enough. Practice is what will make the experience more profound and what will help us heal others.

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Healing With Spiritual Light: Divine spark vs. Ego

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April 20, 2012: Although the journey described here was not the first we had in the workshop, it relates back to my experience of April 18th. The issue is that attachment to our ego keeps us from realizing and experiencing the spark of the divine which resides within us as an integral part of our soul. The experience of the 18th as a ‘lead-in’ to this seminar is typical of the synchronicity I now experience on a regular basis in my practice. Please note that at no time during this journey did I feel any physical pain.

Journey #2: Please take from me that which keeps me separate from my divinity.

Immediately I found myself in the Upper World approaching one of my spirit guides. He had me lay down on the ground. As he pulled out a large sword, I realized that I was about to have a ‘dismemberment’ experience that I had read about in “Awakening to the Spirit World”. In other words, I was about see a vision of myself being dismembered. From the spirit guide’s point of view this was an act of love.

I don’t want this to appear gruesome, so I won’t go into details. After it began first one arm, then the other, were tossed into the air where vultures fought over them and carried them away. Wild dogs and jackals fed on my severed legs and attacked the main body. When they were through the vultures returned. Blood covered the ground. In time insects and small creatures finished off what flesh remained. More time passed. The sun bleached my bones which were scattered across the mountains. Finally nothing but dust remained. Eventually there was nothing but the mountain, a few scrubby plants, mountain rocks, and dessert sand.

Although I felt no pain or fear, I was completely surprised by this experience. I watched from a distance, feeling sad that it was happening, but understanding the intentions of my spirit guide and animal spirits. About this time Lauren signaled the end of the journey with her drumming. We sat up. She told us we could take about a half hour break and asked if any of us had a dismemberment experience and expressed surprise that a few of us had. Shaken by the experience, I barely looked at anyone as I got up and walked to the elevator to take it to the first floor.

I got off the elevator and went into a chapel which was vacant at this time. I sat there remembering the experience and periodically crying. I wiped my tears on my shirt sleeves. I experienced a terribly empty feeling. Finally I asked myself, What or who is gone? After a while I received a satisfactory answer. It was my ego. While our soul is eternal because it comes from God, the ego is a temporary device we use to navigate through the material world. The ego ceases to exist when we die. Our soul lives forever. After twenty-five minutes I composed myself, left the chapel and returned to the seminar room.

After returning Lauren asked each person to relate their experience. I did so in general terms because it had such a strong effect on me. Remembering it, as I do periodically, still has an effect on me. This is the first time I have openly discussed some of the details.

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Healing With Spiritual Light: seminar and journeys

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The last journeys I wrote about occurred at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. There were more during the first quarter of 2012 but they were rather ordinary as far as journeys go and sometimes I didn’t keep good notes. In February I only wrote about two journeys. Sometimes that’s how it goes, life intervenes and we get busy. In March I spent a lot of time with my drum, using it and painting it. Toward the end of the first quarter I signed up for the Healing With Spiritual Light seminar April 19th through April 22nd. It would be held at a religious campus in Chicago’s western suburbs. The day before the seminar I had an experience which, in retrospect, was part of my preparation for what I would learn there.

On Wednesday, April 18th I went to the dentist. He is located in Frankfort, Illinois where I lived for twenty-five years. Before the appointment I drove past our second house on Hawthorne Road. It looked different than it had in 2001 when I moved, but it still looked attractive, not much different than when we lived there. Next I went to the dentist and had a filling. After the appointment I decided to drive over to Frankfort Square where our first house was. We had moved in there in 1976 when our kids were little. This house had changed completely. The siding was a different color; the landscaping was different. Even the surrounding neighborhood looked completely different. As I drove back to Blue Island I started feeling depressed and sad. Although we had lived there only eight years, Marilyn and I had put a lot of dreams, energy and work into fixing it up, inside and out, and now there was nothing left to show for what we had done.

When I got home I sat on my back steps. I felt so depressed and sad that I could have cried. Fortunately for me one of my tenants, Toni, walked past my back yard, saw me and came by to see what was wrong. She said I looked liked someone had died. I didn’t tell her, but I felt like part of me had died. As she chatted with me and cheered me up, I realized I was soon facing my 68th birthday as well as my 50th high school reunion. Change was the issue and it was beating the heck out of my psyche. I started feeling better but must admit I was surprised at how this affected my ego. It had a stronger hold on me than I realized. Little did I know that this was a prelude and that the coming seminar would provide an experience that would be even more difficult for my ego to handle.

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