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There’s a special edition of Time in the grocery stores titled The Science of Happiness. On page 19 in the article about Nine Ways to Feel More Joy, item #3 is titled “Forget Self Improvement.”

I quote:

“Basking in what’s already great about yourself is a more effective route to joy than trying to fix what is not.”

“Identify your strong suits with the free Values In Action Survey of Character Strengths ( It takes 15 minutes to fill out and then provides a ranking of your 24 strongest qualities. Think about how you might use your top five strengths in your relationship, at the office, and in your free time.”

“People who consistently apply ‘signature strengths’ experience less depression and more happiness. It’s an easy way to refocus your efforts to better set you up for success.”

I printed out the free report and also spent $50.00 on two others that went into more details about each of the 24 qualities and how to use them. I am working my way through them; they are interesting. I know the idea of focusing on your strengths is valid because I had professional personality analysis 20 years ago and our teacher proclaimed the same advice. So check it out for what it’s worth. I hope you benefit from the experience.




Hawaiians have a method they use to eliminate bad feelings among people, especially friends and family. They call it Ho’oponopono. Translated it means ‘to make right and correct.’ This method consists of four statements which can be used to release bad feelings about any problem. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

At first glance you might shy away from this approach because your feelings are so negative. But these statements are said to yourself, not to the other person. Here’s how negative feelings are approached. When you think of a negative situation or person, who feels the negativity? You do. So this is the place to begin the healing process, right inside yourself.

Try this. Think of a mildly negative person or situation. Pay attention to your feelings. These feelings cause you stress, which in turn may cause physical, mental or emotional problems over time. You don’t want to do this to yourself. How do you stop it?

First, say to yourself, “I’m sorry.” Your intention here is to say you are sorry to yourself for carrying these negative feelings with you and repeating them every time you think about the situation or person associated with it.

Next, ask yourself for forgiveness for nurturing this negativity. Say, “Please forgive me.” This acknowledges you meant no harm to yourself. You just got into a bad habit.

Recognizing your own thoughts caused you to feel bad, think or say this line to yourself, “I love you.” Really mean it. Say it with the same fervor you feel when you say it to your significant other.

The last line is simply, “Thank you.” It is important for you to associate an action with this phrase. Picture your subconscious removing the negative thoughts and feelings and erasing them. In the future, you will remember that an event or person caused you negative feelings, you just won’t replay them. “Thank you” is saying thanks to your inner self for removing the problem.

I have used this myself many times, for situations and for people. Every time I do it I feel better immediately. When I recall the issue or person later I find that the negativity is gone. While the memory may exist, it won’t be an emotional issue any more. Try this yourself and let me know how it goes.

Great for healing ourselves. How do we heal others? See tomorrow’s blog.

Shocking Election Results

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Like most Hillary supporters I was shocked by last night’s election results. Like most perennial optimists, I believe there is a reason for everything. As a result I decided to share an interesting outlook with you.

I recently picked up the November copy of a monthly publication called Conscious Community. It’s free and available at numerous locations in the Chicago area. In it a young woman named Kaye Berjot ( writes a monthly column on astrology titled “Cosmic Daily Weather.” Over the past six months I’ve realized her observations were insightful and, more often than not, right on when it came to describing what is going on in my life, as well as the world at large. Below is her write-up (p. 35) for November 8:

“Tuesday, November 8: All planets are involved today, and each has a position. The Moon and Jupiter are still collaborating, and have managed to bring Uranus in on the discussion. This is a conversation about what is best for the collective consciousness, and Uranus knows that in order to do what’s best, you have to do unconventional things.”

‘What’s best for our collective consciousness …’ that’s an interesting thought. It made me realize I don’t have all the answers or always know what’s best for everyone. Sometimes we have to ‘let go and let God,’ even when we’re disappointed. Over time we’ll find the silver lining in the dark cloud. My hope is it will lead us toward Peace, Love, and Harmony.

Frontline: The Choice 2016


I’m not influencing your vote. This is about the PBS program Frontline and the two hour documentary they created regarding Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. I am a big fan of PBS, WTTW here in the Chicago viewing area. This documentary raises the bar for reporting to a new high. Considering our political climate, this is the most objective analysis you will find.

The Choice 2016 spends two hours switching back and forth between candidates tracing their lives from childhood to the present. It spotlights highs and lows in each candidate’s life. The interviews with their friends and associates reveal how each person evolved. I watched this program twice and now feel compassion for both candidates.

It’s so interesting I’ll watch it again Sunday night, October 9. It’s on 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM CDT right before the second Presidential debate. Do yourself a favor and tune in!

Who Are We: Astronauts or Earthlings?


Recently there were stories about the discovery of a new earth-like planet. A scientist was quoted as saying, “It just raises public awareness that there’s a new world next door.” I think that kind of wishful thinking is misleading. By next door he means it’s only 4.2 Light Years away. If we had nuclear powered space ships, which we don’t, the journey could be accomplished in one to two hundred years. Next door? Uh-huh!

Earlier this year Astronaut Scott Kelly returned from the International Space Station having lived there 340 days. While this was a brave, record-setting accomplishment, it raised sobering issues. While in space Scott’s body changed due to micro gravity. Fluids shifted to his upper body because his legs lost their ability to re-circulate blood into the upper torso, causing dizziness and problems with balance. The backs of his eyes swelled causing poor eyesight and changes in vision. His intestinal bacteria changed and became more potent. His immune system may have been affected. NASA’s study of the effects of space on Scott’s body is still in progress.

There’s been talk of going to Mars, fueled by the recent movie The Martian. NASA indicates the roundtrip would take two to three years. But Scott’s new information has caused me to wonder if we are kidding ourselves. It’s one thing to build a nuclear powered space ship, another to reengineer the human body. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have fine tuned our bodies to the physical needs of living on Earth, not in space. Humans are not machines. We are biological miracles resulting from millennia of natural selection. 

In his Essay on Man, Alexander Pope wrote, “Know then thyself, presume not God to scan. The proper study of Mankind, is Man.” Perhaps we should focus on improving the lives of all Earthlings before we attempt to change our biology. NASA’s 2016 budget is about $18B. Can you imagine how much food, medicine and other assistance that would buy?

Small Acts Of Kindness Can Change The World!


Have you ever noticed how a small act of kindness can make someone smile? Think about the last time you were entering a building, noticed someone coming in behind you, and held the door open for them to grab it. The odds are that that person looked at you, smiled, and said “Thanks.” They recognized your small act of kindness and acknowledged it. You felt good. They felt good.

If you didn’t see them, or if you did and just let the door go, they probably felt slighted. Which situation would you want them to experience? I’m sure the first, pleasant one.

If a police officer approaches you when you are in your car, do you look up and smile at them? If they ask for your driver’s license and insurance card do you say, “Yes, of course” or do you say  “I’m not doing anything wrong, why do you want me to do that?” The first answer paves the way for a polite exchange. It also recognizes the legal authority of the officer. The second is the introduction to a confrontation.

Which would you rather promote with a police officer, a polite conversation or a confrontation? I always give the first answer and I have never, ever, regretted it, even if I got a ticket.

Small acts of kindness fall under the category of common courtesy. Common courtesy consists of the ways we act toward our fellow human beings, especially the first time we meet them. They are the acts which tell our fellow human beings that we recognize them as fellow human beings who deserve our respect, and that we expect their respect in return. They are mandatory if we are going to live together as civilized people.

Oh, and for you Millennials, the proper response for “Thank you” is “You’re welcome”, not “No problem.” “No problem” means you were not inconvenienced. “You’re welcome” means you enjoyed giving the small service you just provided. The difference is minor but noted by those of us in the older generations.

Small acts of kindness can change the world!

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