A New Year’s Resolution For Everyone


A friend of mine, Tracy, put a post on her FaceBook page about “Awakening to your own beauty”. It is actually a link to an article on the FaceBook page of Brian Shulz, a psychotherapist. The article includes an exercise titled “The Eyes of Love”. After reading it I decided to post the exercise here and suggest that everyone do this frequently during the coming year.

I’m sure we all agree that we need more love in the world today. What better way to help accomplish that than to start with ourselves. After all, you can’t give love to others if you don’t have it in and for yourself. So …(Imagine the theme music from Mission Impossible playing in the background) … Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to bring more love into the world in 2014 by performing the following exercise frequently during the year:


1. To begin, make a list of all the beautiful, lovable and admirable aspects of yourself. Examples- your quality of kindness; or courage; your sense of humor; intelligence; honesty/integrity; passion; determination; your various talents (artistic/musical/leadership/writing/cooking/healing/etc.). The longer you calmly and objectively contemplate yourself, with an open heart and mind, the more positive inner qualities you will be delighted to find!

2. Once you have made your list (and feel free to add to it) spend a minute or two quietly absorbing/dwelling upon what you are seeing about yourself. Let it “sink in” to your mind and heart that this beautiful “human masterpiece” that possesses all these lovely inner qualities- is YOU!

3. Now, go to the mirror and look this beautiful person in the eye. Imagine that you are the kind of mother or father who is always encouraging and knows exactly what to say. Or, imagine that you are speaking with the voice of your own soul. The basic concept is that the person in the mirror (the part of you that has been anxious/depressed/hurt from self-criticism) needs to see and feel how beautiful, valid and lovable she/he really is! And you- the wise and loving core of you- will supply this ultimately reassuring message.

Each of the phrases, while deceptively simple, are emotionally very evocative. Each one vibrates at a frequency that touches the heart and rings through the body and the mind. As you work with them, keep breathing and keep feeling.

4. Keeping eye contact with yourself and speaking out loud (both of these help the new message/attitude sink into your subconscious and replace the voice of self-criticism) say these three things:

a. Hi ___ (use your name or an endearment such as ‘honey’ or ‘sweety’). I see and love so many wonderful things in you. You are so beautiful and perfect to me!

b. Look at all the amazing parts of yourself. You are so kind, so brave, so passionate, so determined etc.etc.

c. You do NOT need to change- ever. All you need is to completely be WHO YOU ARE!

5. Using your intuition, repeat certain key words or phrases that you really need to hear.

PJM Note: If you are an optimist, as I am, you know this is not an impossible mission, but the ultimate destiny of our planet. Have a Happy New Year!


A Prayer for the New Year


May you celebrate this Holiday Season in a way that is spiritually meaningful to you. May you celebrate it in love and friendship with your friends and family. May God send all of us continued blessings.

I copied the following prayer from the book, VisionSeeker, by Dr. Hank Wesselman, page 293. I also modified it for the New Year. It’s a prayer I have adopted and repeat daily. It’s non-denominational and is intended for the welfare of all mankind. The ending phrase, Amama Ua Noa, is Hawaiian.

A Prayer for the New Year

Oh God in heaven,

You who are the Beginning and the End,

You who created everything in the universe,

Bless this sacred Earth.

Bless this river of Life.

Bless our atmosphere.

Bless us and our endeavors.

Send us your angels and helpful spirits.

All are welcome. May they

Bring forth abundance without limit;

May they bring us good health;

May they grant us spiritual insight

And may they grant us true understanding.

May the Earth continue to live.

May You grant us long life.

And may all these blessings be manifested.

Amama Ua Noa!

(My prayer is free. It has flown)

Thanksgiving? Bah! Humbug!


I realize most people are not as optimistic as I am. It’s part of my personality type (ESFJ). I can’t help it; a leopard can’t change its spots. So this is for Americans who are having a tough time; middle class and below.

Our situation is such that many dreams of success have been shattered. This loss causes us to be disappointed and worried for our friends, our families and ourselves. It wasn’t that long ago that we looked at the prosperity and wealth of the past and assumed it would continue, uninterrupted, into our future. But it hasn’t.

We have to decide how we are going to deal with our loss of trust and feelings of increased anxiety. But how do we adjust to these difficult times? One way is to realize that America is still the country of great abundance; people risk their lives trying to come here to live. They come from countries where they have no freedom, no shelter, no clothing, no food. When they hear us talking about tough times they probably smile at our concerns because abundance, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. They have relatives in foreign countries who would change places with us in an instant.

Above all, we must be realistic in our expectations because it is becoming apparent that good times are not right around the corner. We must also be hopeful. My parents lived through the Great Depression; a previous time of great loss and anxiety. They were afraid for their future too. But they answered the challenge. They not only survived it, but they overcame it. This is what we must do. No one knows how long that will take nor how difficult it will be. In the meantime we must appreciate our friends and families and the good things we do have and keep working to improve our lives and communities. If we do, one day we’ll look up and see the sun is shining brightly again.

Happy Thanksgiving


Personally I think Thanksgiving is the most enjoyable holiday in the year: no shopping to buy presents for people who may not need them anyway, less focus on the past (Christmases past), less focus on the future (New Years resolutions) and more focus on friends and family and sharing a wonderful meal. For me, it doesn’t get any better than that! I admit I have been blessed with a wonderful family and wonderful friends and I am thankful. Here is my Thanksgiving wish for you:

May God bless you and your friends and your family.

May you all enjoy the abundance life has to offer.

May Thanksgiving dinner nourish all of you

In body, mind and spirit.

And may these blessings last

Throughout the coming year.

Amama ua noa!

My prayer is free.

It has flown!

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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As the news media has been reporting all week, this is the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. I was attending Junior College the day he was shot and I still remember the details of that day clearly. Anyone who was a teen or adult at that time experienced the stunning news with disbelief. Later everyone would talk about how he was taken from us too early and he had so much more to give. I think he did have a lot more to give us but we can’t change the past. Still we wonder what it would have been like if he had been allowed to fulfill his life’s purpose.

Last night I saw the special on CNN about the assassination. As the commentators looked back on that time one of them said that JFK’s death was the beginning of our country’s dissatisfaction with our leaders because so many people became convinced that it was a conspiracy. As I thought about it I realized it was true. His death was followed by the assassinations of Martin Luther King Junior and Bobby Kennedy which brought more conspiracy theories. They were followed by the Viet Nam war protests which caused LBJ to drop out of the Presidential race. Then there was Watergate and Nixon’s resignation, our inability to rescue the U.S. hostages in Iran, the Contra scandal in Nicaragua, the Monica Lewinski scandal and President Clinton’s impeachment, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economic collapse of our economy which has lasted five years so far and shows no signs of serious recovery. And we have to include the local, state and national debts, to say nothing of the gridlock in Federal government. Why have our leaders been so ineffective?

Some of you don’t remember this, but I can remember when our citizens trusted our elected officials. That trust was justified because they knew how to compromise and unite together for the good of our country. But those days are gone. I for one hope they return.

Who among us would have thought that the death of President Kennedy would have been the first of so many disappointments? I never expected it. And that brings me to my point. When we think of JFK we remember the good times and his ability to inspire us. It stands in direct contrast to the time we currently live in.  It wasn’t a perfect time and he was not a perfect man, but all of our citizens believed unquestioningly in the American Dream. We don’t today. Perhaps this contrast is an important part of his life’s purpose. And perhaps his death was meant to allow his memory to stand in direct contrast to our current situation so that we would ask, “Why can’t our country be like it was when John Fitzgerald Kennedy  was alive?”

Soul Retrieval Seminar: Journey to meet my Healing Guide

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After some preliminary remarks about making sure the client is receptive and emphasizing the healing aspects of soul retrieval, Lauren led us on a journey to meet our spirit helper or helpers. She reminded us that it is important to work with our spirit guides and power animals frequently to insure the success of soul retrievals for our clients. As always, we laid on a blanket on the floor, used a covering for our eyes (I always use a blue bandana) and Lauren began drumming loudly.

Journey: Our intention is to travel to the spirit world and meet the spirit(s) that will help us do soul retrievals.

I relaxed for a few minutes after Lauren started drumming. I started to go to the lower world but found myself climbing up the mountain trail that led to the upper world. As I walked up the steep trail the thought came to me that I would be meeting with the Ancient One and that he would introduce me to my healing guide.

When I got to the top I met the Ancient One and acknowledged him respectfully. I gave him a hug and he playfully pushed me away as though he didn’t need one, but he was smiling as he did it. Then he turned and introduced me to my healing guide. He was a heavy-set, muscular man with curly black hair. I recognized him! He was the man who helped me when I was trying to help heal Heather, a friend of a friend. He told me his name; one that is common in our culture. Then he smiled and said that I could pronounce it in a more fancy way if I wanted to, the way people say Tar-shay instead of Target when they talk about the retail store. We laughed. I gave him a hug too.

The journeying session was coming to a close so I took leave of my spirit friends and traveled back to the ordinary world. In the months since I have met my healing guide, I have come to think he is Hawaiian. As my healing guide, he has helped me on each of the soul retrievals I have done and has stepped up on more than one occasion to help me when I got stuck on an issue, or with a soul spirit. I have full confidence in his abilities as my guide. I would never attempt a healing without him.

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Soul Retrieval: The Ritual or Process

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For purposes of discussion I will refer to the person doing the ritual as the healer and the person receiving the results as the client. As with any ritual, everyone has a role to play. The client must be relaxed and must be in a receptive, passive state. Observers, friends and family must maintain a quiet, observing attitude and do nothing to interrupt the proceedings. The healer conducts the ritual.

I’m sure there are variations on the soul retrieval ritual. Different teachers teach slightly different methods and, over time, the healer personalizes the ritual to his or her liking. That said, I believe the following description is general enough that most healers would easily recognize it. A soul retrieval ritual may last from 45 to 90 minutes.

The ritual begins with the client laying on a blanket on the floor with a covering over their eyes. If that is not convenient, the client may sit in a chair in the center of the room. Observers are seated or standing around the outside of the room. The healer begins by drumming and walking around the client. This clears unnecessary energies from the room and opens it up for the healing ritual. The healer prays to helpful spirits, asking their assistance, especially the assistance of her or his Healing Guide. At this point I have a brief message I read to the client which helps them become receptive to the healing that is about to occur.

Next the healer sits or lays next to the client, their shoulders touching. If no one is available to continue the drumming rhythm, the healer may use a rattle to provide the appropriate rhythm. The healer uses an eye cover, meets with the Healing Guide, and they proceed into the spirit world searching for one or more of the client’s soul parts. As mentioned in my previous blog, each of these journeys are unique. Sometimes the healer sees a landscape or other vision related to the client. Eventually he and the guide encounter a soul part. At this point the healer asks the separated part to rejoin the client and asks what strength or talent they will be bringing back with them. If the soul part is reluctant to return, the healer will persist or the guide will become involved. Soul parts are usually positive about returning.  The healer may ask the soul part if there are other parts that are willing to return. If so, those parts are sought out as well. The healer will ask all soul parts to enter a the healer’s crystal and all will return to ordinary reality. At this time the healer kneels beside the client, symbolically blows the soul parts back into the client and may use his/her rattle to assist with the reunification.

At this point the healer will notify the client that the soul retrieval and ask that they slowly return to normal consciousness. Once they are fully awake the healer will describe the events of the journey and ask if the client has any questions.

Normally some of the visions seen or other information uncovered has a special meaning to the client. For example, in one soul retrieval I saw a city in the distance surrounded by mountains. I felt drawn there and encountered a fierce looking dog. I realized the dog was a power animal that would protect the client and brought it back at the end of the journey. When I mentioned the landscape, the client got excited and revealed that she grew up in a town in California that was surrounded by mountains and that the dog probably represented her pet which was always very protective of her.

At this point the ritual has ended. Everyone returns to their homes. Usually the healer will keep in touch with the client for a while in order to be available for questions that might arise. Some people are happy with one soul retrieval. Some request a second or third soul retrieval depending on their needs. It is always a good idea to let a few weeks go by before follow up soul retrievals are performed.

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